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With more than 24 years of SEO experience and a Juris Doctor Degree, Bill Slawski is the foremost expert on Google’s patents as related to SEO. Bill is the Editor of SEO by the Sea, a prominent search engine optimization blog, where he is the author of over 1,300 posts.

Bill’s experience includes Fortune 500 brands and some of the largest websites in the world. Bill is a contributing author for Moz, Search Engine Land, and Search Engine Journal. In 2014-2021, he spoke at industry-leading conferences about topics including search engine algorithms, universal and blended search, personalization in search, search and social, and duplicate content problems, structured data, and schema

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Machine Learning For a Ranking Model

Posted @ May 05 2021 by Bill Slawski

Machine Learning at Google This Google patent is about training a machine learning model to rank documents in response to search queries. Online search engines such as Google rank documents in response to search queries to present search results filled with documents that are responsive to a search query. Search engines usually show search results […]

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language models

Spoken Queries Using Language Models

Posted @ Apr 23 2021 by Bill Slawski

Automated Speech Recognition using Use of Class-Based Language Models to Transcribe Speech to Text The Google n-gram viewer program from the top image, shows that words such as Pittsburgh (or Pittsburg) can be spelled more than one way.) Using language models is one of the complexities behind spoken queries. Understanding how Google handles vocal queries […]

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How Google Ranks Search Results

Google Ranking Search Results

Posted @ Apr 14 2021 by Bill Slawski

How Google Responds to Queries when Ranking Search Results A patent from Google filed in 2019 and granted in 2021 goes over aspects of Google ranking search results (SERPs). This patent is assigned to Google, which started as the search engine BackRub founded by Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin when they were graduate students at […]

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Google Describes a Machine Learning Model For a Searchable Index

Posted @ Mar 31 2021 by Bill Slawski

Information Retrieval Ranking versus Machine Learning Ranking Search has historically ranked search results in response to query terms searchers entered into a search box based on returning of organic search results ranked on a combination of information retrieval score (looking a relevance between those terms and their use in resources on the web) combined with […]

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What is Semantic SEO?

Posted @ Mar 18 2021 by Bill Slawski

What are the differences between SEO and Semantic SEO? SEO has always been marketing in the framework of the Web. It introduces site owners to consumers to allow communication between the two about goods and services offered, which consumers can purchase to allow them to become customers and learn more about how they can take […]

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Language Models Featured

Google Speech Search Using Language Models

Posted @ Mar 04 2021 by Bill Slawski

Way back in 2007, I wrote a post called Google Learning Speech Recognition for Voice Search from MTV? My post was about language models being used for speech recognition and how Google was learning new words to fit into language models. That post was about a Google patent that was filed in 2001 and was […]

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Querying a Data Graph Featured

SEO Turns to Data Graphs to Learn About the Web

Posted @ Feb 22 2021 by Bill Slawski

The Web as Data Graphs is a New Direction for SEO Many of the articles that people writing about SEO are about to involve web pages and links between pages. Still, this post is about entities and relationships between entities and facts written about on web pages and responses to queries from data graphs on […]

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User Generated Content Featured Image

User-Generated Content and Machine Learning at Google

Posted @ Feb 09 2021 by Bill Slawski

Is Google the New Home for Machine Learning on the Web? I recently wrote about a patent from Google describing machine learning to identify opinions in news articles in the post Opinion News Found By Machine Learning at Google The use of machine learning is growing at Google. In this patent, Google may use machine […]

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Personalized Ranking of Search Results

Personalized Ranking of Search Results at Google

Posted @ Dec 01 2020 by Bill Slawski

How are Personalized Ranking of Search Results Calculated at Google? I wrote about an earlier version of this patent when it was still a patent application in 2012 in the post Google’s User Profile Personalization and Google Plus. This patent has been filed 4 times by Google and wasn’t granted until the fourth version, which […]

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Google knowledge panel interface

Google Knowledge Panel Interface Patent

Posted @ Nov 17 2020 by Bill Slawski

Managing Knowledge Panels at Google A patent from Google shows a planned approach for people from a business to manage a knowledge panel that may appear when someone searches for their business. The patent tells us that “entity information can be provided on a webpage,” and visitors to search results can view details about that […]

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