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With more than 23 years of SEO experience and a Juris Doctor Degree, Bill is the foremost expert on Google’s patents as related to SEO. Bill is the Editor of SEO by the Sea, a prominent search engine optimization blog, where he is the author of over 1,200 posts.

Bill’s experience includes Fortune 500 brands and some of the largest websites in the world. Bill is a contributing author for Moz and Search Engine Land. In 2014-2019, he spoke at industry leading conferences about topics including search engine algorithms, universal and blended search, personalization in search, search and social, and duplicate content problems, structured data, and schema

voice search at Google

Early Days of Voice Search at Google

Posted @ Jul 25 2018 by Bill Slawski

The First Time I Remember Voice Search from Google I remember going to a conference in New York City in 2007. I had taken a cab from Penn Station to my hotel, and the front of the hotel was filled with SEOs arriving to attend the Conference. I ran into Loren Baker (The owner of […]

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Knowledge Panels

Building Knowledge on the Web

Posted @ Jul 16 2018 by Bill Slawski

Building Knowledge On the Web A patent granted to Google about Structured Data recently told us about how JSON-LD could be used to answer queries about books. I wrote about that patent in a post titled Google Patent on Structured Data Focuses upon JSON-LD. I was interested in finding more about what Google might be […]

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Google's Heart Framework

Using the Heart Framework to Plan, Track, and Measure Goals on Your Site?

Posted @ Jun 21 2018 by Bill Slawski

How Does Google Set Goals for Their Sites? I often write about patents or whitepapers from places such as Google or Apple and try to see if they are doing things or using approaches that are worth exploring and understanding better, to help me meet my goals for sites. If you used Google Maps when […]

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White house podium

Google Phrase-Based Indexing Updated

Posted @ Jun 05 2018 by Bill Slawski

Google has updated one of their most important patents today What Phrase-Based Indexing Covers When a page covers a topic such as “President of the United States”, chances are good that it might include meaningful phrases on that page that could be said to predict what the page is about, such as “White House” or […]

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Food Logging Featured Image

Microsoft Patents Food Logging via Images

Posted @ May 23 2018 by Bill Slawski

Microsoft Targets Food Logging of Nutritional Meals I’ve been trying to watch what I am eating and capture workouts on a stationary bike, and with resistence bands. There are sites that can track those, and they can estimate how many calories you consume with your meals, and how many of those you may burn off […]

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New York, New York Song - Disambiguating Search Input

Disambiguating Search Input Based On Context of Input

Posted @ May 14 2018 by Bill Slawski

“Hey Google; New York, New York!” Google hears a query for “New York, New York.” Does it give directions, play a Frank Sinatra Song, or show tourist style search results? Likely that depends upon the context of that query. As we are told in a Google patent: User input can be identified as ambiguous for […]

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Google's Patented Job Search EngineEngine

How Google’s Job Search Engine Uses Machine Learning

Posted @ Apr 26 2018 by Bill Slawski

I’ve had some people ask me recently why I think it is important to share patents that describe things that a search engine might offer, like a recently added job search engine The legal purpose behind a patent is to give a patent holder a chance to exclude others from using the same process as […]

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Google Predicting User's Needs

Google Granted Patent for ‘Predicting User’s Needs for a Particular Context’

Posted @ Apr 13 2018 by Bill Slawski

Stop Guessing Query Terms and Start Predicting User’s Needs Usually, when someone uses a search engine, they enter search query terms or a question into a search box. A Patent granted to Google suggests alternatives to “guessing search terms” to try to obtain “information necessary to achieve a particular goal.” This patent came to my […]

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Tallest US Presidents

My Fifth Post About Context at Google: Adding Context Facts to Question Answers (Updated)

Posted @ Apr 02 2018 by Bill Slawski

Context Facts Tell Us How Entities are Related Google provides an example of how a site can use context information in a new patent that tells us about context facts. This post is about putting facts into context, and I feel like I need to point out other posts I have written about context at […]

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Answering Questions with Structured Data

Posted @ Mar 20 2018 by Bill Slawski

Only the Facts, Fast Back in 2005, The Official Google Blog published a post called, Just the Facts, Fast. Recently, Google has been showing single result answers to queries that has captured a lot of attention in posts such as, Zero-Result SERPs: Welcome to the Future We Should’ve Known Was Coming. Showing just one answer […]

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