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What Are B2B SEO Services?

B2B SEO services are a set of digital marketing initiatives that improve the search engine visibility of a business to business site. B2B SEO services include initiatives such as full-funnel content creation, landing page optimization, content creation and technical SEO. The goal of B2B SEO is to lower customer acquisition costs by driving more organic SQLs from organic search.

Rewriting Keywords at Google for Paid Search

B2B Keyword Research

At the start of any SEO campaign, it’s extremely important understand what queries your customer are searching for.

At Go Fish Digital, our B2B SEO agency takes time to understand to understand the pain points your customers have and which keywords they’re using to solve these problems. We utilize a data-based approach to identifying the keywords that will not only drive traffic to your site but also result in leads and conversions. By leveraging metrics such as conversion, Search Console and PPC data, we can get a better understanding of which queries are vital to the success of your business.



B2B Content Strategy

In B2B SEO, the path to conversion isn’t always a straight line.

Oftentimes, customers require multiple touch-points before deciding to purchase from your brand. While blog posts might lead to more general awareness, solution and product pages are more likely mapped to customers who are closer to the point of conversion. When thinking about your content strategy, it’s important to understand that your content will map to different stages of the funnel during the customer journey.

Our B2B SEO agency takes this full funnel type of approach when reviewing your site’s content. We focus on the content that’s most likely to drive conversions for your business and provide guidance on how to improve it from an SEO perspective. As part of our content strategy, we’ll look for opportunities to:

  1. Improve the on-page optimizations of existing content with a B2B-focused SEO strategy
  2. Identify new pieces of content that could be created
  3. Ensure your existing content matches the intent of target queries
  4. Adjust your content structure to be more comprehensive and fully answer user questions

B2B Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO is another very important component of your overall search strategy. It’s extremly important that Google can properly crawl, index and understand your sites content. On B2B sites, it’s common to see technical challenges presented by legacy platforms, multiple migrations, complex JavaScript and many other previous technical implementations.

Our B2B SEO agency will perform multiple technical reviews of your site including:

  1. Routine site crawls
  2. Indexation issue reviews
  3. JavaScript rendering issues
  4. Structured data reviews
  5. Google Search Console technical audits
  6. Index bloat reductions
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B2B SEO Services

While there are a lot of potential strategies in the SEO space, there are some that we’ve found to be more effective for B2B clients. In general B2B websites need a holistic approach to search that’s centered around improving visibility for SQL and MQL generating content. This approach involves performing audience research about how users are searching and taking steps to create content to position your site as a topical authority.

Some B2B SEO services include:

  1. Content creation for different SQL/MQL-generating assets
  2. Competitor content gap analysis
  3. On-page optimization of feature and service pages
  4. Topical authority improvements
  5. Content hub creation
  6. Structured data improvement
  7. Internal linking implementation
  8. Site architecture audits

Link-Building For B2B SEO

The team at Go Fish Digital will not only help support your on-page efforts, but we’ll improve your off-page SEO as well. Links are one of the most important elements for SEO as they act as “votes of confidence” for search engines. More links can help improve the efficiency of your site and your overall B2B SEO performance.

To help you build premium backlinks, the team at Go Fish Digital uses digital PR. This PR-approach to link building allow us pitch newsworthy content to top-tier publications. The result is that your site receives coverage from prominent media outlets online and generates backlinks as a result. Over the years, we’ve used this approach to improve the SEO of B2B clients.

B2B SEO – Frequently Asked Questions

SEO can be extremely impactful for B2B brands. The best SEO strategies take into account all stages of the marketing funnel and look at the user journey from brand impressions to converting into MQLs and SQLs. B2B SEO can help you maximize your blog’s chances of converting people to your newsletter, showcasing how your product or service solves a particular problem or can help drive free trials and inquiries to your core landing pages.

SEO for B2B companies tends to be different from B2C due to the unique nature of their target audience and conversion paths. The decision-making process in B2B markets is typically more complex, often involving multiple stakeholders and longer sales cycles, which makes the marketing strategy for B2B SEO more focused on industry-specific jargon, technical terms, and long-tail keywords that demonstrate high intent.

As well B2B SEO goals vary from B2C. While B2C goals might focus more on immediate conversions, the goal of B2B might be to enroll users in marketing automation, get them to sign up for email newsletters or join a webinar/event.

Creating a B2B SEO strategy involves designing initiatives to reach prospects at each stage of the marketing funnel. This involves understanding your keyword list and where each query maps to the appropriate stage of the user journey. The highest-priority initiatives are creating and optimizing content that map to the bottom of the funnel and can result in SQLs for your business. Steps should also be taken to leverage your site to optimize for MQLs. This involves creating content around problems users are having, integrating MQL-driving assets such as whitepapers, webinars and more to appropriate pages and optimizing solution pages.

You can use your analytics tool of choice (Google Analytics 4, HubSpot, Looker) to determine if organic search is a large acquisition channel for your business. If you’re seeing that your landing pages, blog posts and other assets are generating MQLs/SQLs from organic search, you might want to consider investing in a B2B SEO agency. An SEO agency can help scale your organic reach and lower your customer acquisition costs over time.

An SEO agency can help you scale your B2B marketing efforts. They may provide expertise that you don’t have in-house in terms of technical capabilities, content strategy and knowledge of how search engines operate. As well, B2B SEO agencies can help supplement your in-house efforts. They can work with teams such as product, editorial and engineering in order to improve the organic visibility of your content.

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