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Keyword Research

At the start of any SEO campaign, it’s extremely important understand what queries your customer are searching for. At Go Fish Digital, our B2B SEO agency takes time to understand to understand the pain points your customers have and which keywords they’re using to solve these problems. We utilize a data-based approach to identifying the keywords that will not only drive traffic to your site but also result in leads and conversions. By leveraging metrics such as conversion, Search Console and PPC data, we can get a better understanding of which queries are vital to the success of your business.



Content Strategy

In B2B marketing, the path to conversion isn’t always a straight line. Oftentimes, customers require multiple touch-points before deciding to purchase from your brand. While blog posts might lead to more general awareness, solution and product pages are more likely mapped to customers who are closer to the point of conversion. When thinking about your content strategy, it’s important to understand that your content will map to different stages of the funnel during the customer journey.

The team at Go Fish Digital takes this full funnel type of approach when reviewing your site’s content. We focus on the content that’s most likely to drive conversions for your business and provide guidance on how to improve it from an SEO perspective. As part of our content strategy, we’ll look for opportunities to:

  1. Improve the on-page SEO of existing content
  2. Identify new pieces of content that could be created
  3. Ensure your existing content matches the intent of target queries
  4. Adjust your content structure to be more comprehensive and fully answer user questions

Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO is another very important component of your overall search strategy. It’s extremly important that Google can properly crawl, index and understand your sites content. On B2B sites, it’s common to see technical challenges presented by legacy platforms, multiple migrations, complex JavaScript and many other previous technical implementations.

Our B2B SEO agency will perform multiple technical reviews of your site including:

  1. Routine site crawls
  2. Indexation issue reviews
  3. JavaScript rendering issues
  4. Structured data reviews
  5. Google Search Console technical audits
  6. Index bloat reductions

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