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Crawling And Indexation Issues

No matter how great your content, if Google can’t properly crawl and index your pages, your visibility will be hindered in the search results. For this reason, it’s imperative that you ensure search engines are properly able to access and understand your content. However, sites with complex frameworks, large numbers of URLs, legacy technology and more can make it more difficult for Google to interpret your pages correctly. Our technical SEO agency can perform detailed reviews of crawling and indexation issues.

We perform reviews such as:

  • Audits of Search Console’s Index Coverage report
  • Site crawls to understand indexation directives such as canonical tags, noindex, nofollow and more
  • Reviews of your robots.txt to ensure proper crawling rules have been set
  • JavaScript auditing to understand if Google is properly indexing your content
  • Crawl depth audits to find sections of the site that might be too deep in your site architecture

Site Migration Support

While launching new sites can be extremely exciting, they can also bring a large amount of uncertainly when it comes to search visibility. For this reason, site migrations require careful planning as improper migrations can result in losses of rankings and organic traffic.

Our technical SEO agency can help provide you with a strong site migration roadmap that helps eliminate the risks that come with these changes. We can help your team with initiatives such as creating a migration plan, mapping redirects, auditing new and existing content, updating internal links and much more. With support from Go Fish Digital, you can ensure that your site migration is properly planned, executed and measured.


Site Performance Reviews

One of the most common technical issues that we run into are slower sites or ones that need Core Web Vitals improvements. Sites that don’t perform well might not only impact you from an SEO perspective but can also hinder the conversion performance of other channels such as PPC, email and social. Conversely, a well performing site can give you a leg up in the search engines and help lift conversion rates from all other channels.

The team at Go Fish Digital will perform reviews and work with your development teams to identify and fix elements that cause slow performance. Our technical SEO agency reviews thing such as:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights reviews
  • Audits for proper CDN usage
  • Identification of slower third party technologies
  • Core Web Vitals improvements
  • Opportunities to improve image optimization

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