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Our Approach To Law Firm SEO

We have a unique approach to law firms SEO. We combine two of our primary strategies, technical SEO and creative content, to help move your law firm to the top of the search results.

Our team starts by taking a deep dive into your website. We’ll also analyze your competition’s websites, in order to identify issues or gaps, opportunities, and threats to your law firm’s visibility. After we perform this audit, we’ll use the results to make continuous, impactful technical updates and recommendations to your website.

We’ll use our second strategy, creative content, to bring in news coverage, backlinks, and exposure to your firm. This builds your brand online and strengthens your reputation.

These strategies help signal to Google that your law firm is trustworthy and stands a cut above your competitors, moving your site up in the organic search results.

SEO for lawyers will help your firm stand out from the crowd. This means more relevant website traffic, increased visibility, and better business for you and your clients.

Set Your Firm Apart

We create high-quality, unique content that attracts real online attention. Google recognizes that as authority and that people trust your website because they visit often.

Through links, social shares, and browser data, Google gets the hint your website is worth looking at. With these signals, alongside solid technical SEO for lawyers, your site will increase in domain authority and rankings. This isn’t an overnight trick, but rather a lasting SEO strategy that will bring you more relevant traffic, leads, and clients, while also improving the overall structure of your brand.

Unlike other SEO firms, we don’t do short term-hacks or use black hat techniques that might work for a few weeks, but ultimately can end up getting your site penalized by Google. Instead, we operate within Google’s guidelines, but at a level that your competition can’t keep up with.

Check out some successful SEO campaigns we’ve created for a few of our legal clients below.

Keyword Research

In Go Fish Digital’s lawyer SEO services, we undertake comprehensive keyword research to understand the exact terms and phrases your potential clients are using when seeking legal services online. Our goal is to optimize your website for these keywords, making your law firm more visible to those who need your services the most.

Our keyword research begins with a deep understanding of the legal industry and your specific practice areas. Whether you specialize in personal injury law, criminal law, family law, or any other practice area, we identify the specific terms, questions, and phrases potential clients use in their search queries.

We then localize your keyword strategy to target potential clients in your specific geographical markets. By incorporating geo-specific terms into your keyword strategy, we ensure your law firm is more visible in local search results, reaching potential clients in your market.

Local SEO for Law Firms

In the world of legal services, local visibility is key. Potential clients are most likely to engage with law firms that appear in local search results as they are seen as being readily accessible and familiar with the local laws and community. Our local SEO strategy is designed to put your law firm on the map, figuratively and literally.

We utilize a variety of techniques to increase your visibility in local search results. This includes optimizing your Google Business profile, category optimization, and creating a strategy around locally-focused content. Whether your a personal injury attorney or divorce lawyer, our goal is to ensure that when someone in your area searches for legal services, your firm is prominently displayed in the search results.

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Content Optimization for Practice Area Pages

To help you stand out in search results, Go Fish Digital meticulously optimizes the content on your practice area pages, reviewing them from both user and search engine perspectives.

We pay close attention to the structure and quality of your law firm practice area content. We optimize all of the elements of your practice area pages, such as title tags, images, on-page content, internal links and more. We also review your competitors and identify areas of opportunity in terms of adding new content or additional practice area pages.

This holistic approach to optimization enhances your practice area pages’ visibility in search engine results and increases your chances of attracting and retaining potential clients.

Link Building Campaign

Texting and Driving Statistics

A law firm client of ours in Los Angeles wanted the top rankings in Google for high-value DUI keywords. To attract high-quality backlinks that would affect their Google ranking, we executed a number of technical strategies and built content campaigns.

One of these content campaigns was a data compilation around texting and driving statistics. We developed the concept, conducted a custom survey, and pulled out the most eye-catching statistics of this campaign. Bringing attention to this hot-button issue, frequently covered by news sources, proved to be a very successful strategy for this campaign. This helped us land coverage in 20+ news outlets, including nine links with domain authorities over 60.

Before long, this law firm was ranking #1 for DWI and DUI terms in four major cities.

Law Firm SEO FAQs

Law firm SEO consists of any action to improve the search engine visibility of a law firm site. While this can vary in strategy, common practices include optimizing Google Business profiles, adding new practice area pages, improving and optimization location pages, technical SEO and internal linking initiatives.

SEO is important for law firms as it helps drive new consultations and clients while keeping marketing costs down. Law firm advertising using channels such as Google Ads, trade shows, commercial advertising or sponsorships often comes at a high cost. SEO is an extremely effective channel that can drive targeted clients to the site without having to directly pay advertisers. Law firm SEO can also be extremely effective at targeting specific practice areas or geographies that your firm practices in.

Whether or not you need SEO support depends on factors such as your firms marketing mix and ability to generate new clients. In general, most law firms will benefit from SEO support as improved visibility can lead to better branding, user touch-points and ultimately conversions from search engines.

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