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What Is SaaS SEO?

SaaS SEO refers to the strategic process of optimizing a Software as a Service (SaaS) company’s online presence to increase organic visibility in search engines, drive targeted traffic, and ultimately convert more users into subscribers. It involves various tactics tailored specifically to the SaaS business model, including keyword research based on user intent, on-page and technical SEO optimization, content marketing, and link-building strategies.


SaaS SEO Competitor Research

Understanding your competitive landscape is crucial in the fast-paced SaaS industry, and it plays a pivotal role in your SEO strategy. Go Fish Digital provides competitor research that is designed to uncover the strategies your competitors are using to rank well in search results.

We conduct a deep-dive analysis into competitor SEO strategies, looking at elements such as site structure, content, keyword usage, backlink profile, and other elements. We seek to understand what’s working for them and likely driving MQL and SQLs. Our goal is help you develop a strategy to claim your competitors’ market share in the search results.


A Full Funnel SaaS SEO Approach

Go Fish Digital’s SaaS SEO experts look at your SEO and content strategy with the full marketing funnel in mind. We get to know more about your customers, your core KPIs and what drives SQLs. Once we understand your customer journey, we can tailor our SEO approach to the different stages of the purchasing funnel. Our goal is to ensure that your site has content that solves customer pain points and meets them at every step down the conversion path.

For example, we review optimization opportunities for different assets at the various stages of the funnel:

  1. Top Of Funnel: Blog posts & informational content
  2. Middle Funnel: Guides & resources
  3. Bottom Of Funnel: Service & product pages

SaaS Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO is another extremely important component of any search campaign. To ensure your content performs well, you need to ensure that search engines are able to properly discover and read your content. Ensuring that your site has a strong technical foundation, logical architecture and internal linking structures is a top priority of our SaaS SEO agency.

SaaS sites often go through multiple site migrations, utilize complex JavaScript frameworks and have site performance improvements that could be made. Our agency will work with your product and engineering teams to identify and fix common technical issues we see on SaaS sites.

Some technical SEO reviews we perform include:

  1. Website migration guidance
  2. Structured data implementation
  3. Internal linking recommendations
  4. Site speed & Core Web Vitals optimization
  5. JavaScript indexation troubleshooting
  6. Regular site crawls and inspections
  7. Crawling and indexation reviews

Link Building Through Digital PR

Link building is one of the core foundations of any SEO campaign. The more backlinks your site is able to accumulate, the easier it is to rank in the search engines. Links are an incredibly valuable asset whether you’re a startup with a relatively new site or an established brand looking to further solidify the links you’ve already accumulated.

The team at Go Fish Digital takes a digital PR approach to link building. Our team will ideate, create and promote content that will earn valuable links and coverage from premier sites. To do this, our team creates data, survey, illustration or interactive campaigns that media outlets will want to cover. We then take these campaigns end to end and use our established relationships to pitch to journalists. Our SaaS SEO team has been able to help our clients get links from thousands of high authority sites such as Medium, VentureBeat, CenturyLink and more.


SaaS SEO is the practice of improving the visibility of a SaaS website. While SaaS SEO tactics may vary, common practices involve optimizing bottom of the funnel content, creating content hubs, improving site navigation and technical SEO.

SEO is extremely important for SaaS as it can be an extremely cost effective means of customer acquisition. Digital advertising in the software industry can be extremely expensive. By improving SEO, SaaS companies can get a competitive advantage by having a reliable means of improved branding, traffic, and customer acquisition without having to pay third party advertisers.

Yes, many of the initiatives that help SEO also support other marketing channels. For instance, improving elements such as your site’s user experience, website content and site performance can assist with helping the overall SEO. Of course, improving these elements can also enhance your customer experience from channels such as paid, email, display or other types of digital marketing initiatives.

A SaaS SEO agency is a type of digital marketing agency that specializes in improving the search visibility of software websites. At Go Fish Digital, we’ve helped provide SaaS SEO for clients such as Adobe, AirBnb, SAP and more!

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