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What Are Digital PR Services?

Digital PR is the marketing practice of building backlinks to a site by creating content that’s covered by media outlets. Digital PR uses the approach of traditional PR to help earn quality media mentions and ultimately improve the SEO of your site.

When you’re trying to boost your online presence, links matter. No, not just the links on your site but the links from other sites that point back to your site. This is where a digital PR agency comes into play.

Creating an online PR strategy isn’t a new concept in the digital marketing world, but we take it to the next level. Our strong foundation in SEO pushes our campaigns’ potential because we don’t just write for today’s newscycle – we also write for tomorrow’s organic search volume.

Our digital PR agency is second to none at creating unique, viral-worthy linkable content that people want to read and journalists want to write about. In fact, our work has earned thousands of high-quality editorial links from top-tier websites.

Our Agency’s Online PR Coverage

Digital PR Campaign Ideation
Content Built For Online PR
Data-Driven Approach
Customized Reports
Premium Backlinks From Digital PR

Digital PR Campaign Ideation

We generate a series of tangential campaign recommendations that fit into the current news cycle and have a tie-in to your brand.


We conduct a ton of research and work with our talented in-house designers and developers to bring your digital PR campaign plan to life.

Content Built For Online PR

From our research findings, we create compelling content.

Data-Driven Approach

We use a strategic and data-driven approach to connect with journalists and secure digital PR coverage in the form of articles with backlinks to the campaign.

Customized Reports

We create customized reports at the end of a campaign detailing the campaign’s performance, including all of the coverage earned along with KPIs related to the traffic driven and social engagement.

Premium Backlinks From Digital PR

Bonus: Your high-quality online PR content often continues to generate links and social shares for your website.

Turning A Buzzworthy Idea Into A Digital PR Campaign

With over 15 years of serving our clients, we’ve been able to hone in on the types of head-turning content that is proven to drive results.

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Research intensive, data-driven digital PR campaigns utilizing existing or newly-created datasets

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Custom-written poll on a topic, designed to collect newsworthy insights

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A digital PR campaign that uses artwork designed around a trending topic

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Custom interactive digital PR asset developed for an engaging user experience

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What Makes Our Online PR Strategy Different?

Creating A Buzzworthy Idea

First and foremost, when we’re talking about online PR and building links, it’s all about tangential content. Tangential content is the type of content that is related to, but not expressly about, the company it is being written for.

Writing tangential content is an ideal tactic to use when producing a digital PR campaign because it can be tied back to the current news cycle while also being incredibly eye-catching.

Just think about it – people are more likely to read about their ideal beach vacations than they are about the printing companies who distribute beach vacation brochures, so creating content around the former will eventually lead more people to the latter.

Our Agency’s Approach To Digital PR

In order to grow the backlink profile for our clients online, we target earned media wins on high domain authority websites.

Digital PR is focused on generating brand mentions and backlinks online, in contrast with traditional PR and email outreach. Our digital PR specialists use a variety of online platforms to manage and grow our relationships with journalists and editors at authoritative media sites who can link back to our clients.

During our online PR promotion process, we use a diverse set of flexible strategies to earn top-tier backlinks and brand mentions.

Some of our strategies include:

  1. Building an outreach list of journalists who would be interested in the content using a number of different tools paired with manual research
  2. Monitoring the news as it pertains to our client industries in order to be fully up to date with opportunities for expert insights, newsjacking, and commentary on events within client industries
  3. Drafting press releases when appropriate to distribute within our network of news writers and editors
  4. Evaluating media placements on high domain authority websites, and pitching reasonable guest-post concepts to authoritative industry websites

FAQs About our Digital PR Services

Digital PR is a marketing practice that’s at the intersection of content and SEO. The goal of a digital PR campaign is to help websites earn premium backlinks using more traditional PR methods. Digital PR involves brainstorming, researching, creating and pitching newsworthy content to media outlets. The coverage from this content can result in backlinks from some of the biggest media outlets.

On average, digital PR campaigns take about 12 weeks to create. We allocate 4 weeks for the ideation, creation and promotion periods.

In the world of search engines, links = trust. They’re like votes of confidence. When you earn links back to your site, it sends a signal to search engines that your site is trustworthy and has quality resources worthy of getting citations. This, in turn, makes the rest of your site rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). In modern SEO, digital PR campaigns are one of the best ways to accumulate premium backlinks for your website.

Digital PR can range from a variety of different types and tactics, depending on the goal. Types of digital PR initiatives could include:

  1. Original data studies
  2. Survey analysis
  3. Review of public data sources
  4. Data trends studies
  5. Interactive campaigns

Once a content piece has gone through our production process, we begin the promotion process, which involves contacting anyone we believe may be interested in the article. We pitch to many credible journalists, news outlets, and other avenues, such as Reddit. With each new piece of coverage we receive, we keep our clients up to date on the campaign’s progress. From there, we adjust our promotion strategy as needed based on contact feedback regarding why they will or won’t link our piece on their site.

To create click-worthy content, we first brainstorm ideas and work with our clients to hone in on their brand’s best options. We focus on tangential concepts that creatively relate to your business. Once you choose a topic, we get to work gathering data from a range of reputable sources, including the U.S. Census and Google Trends. With the right data in hand, we develop a piece of content in collaboration with the client. Content pieces typically include original insights and new data sets that capture the attention of readers. To elevate the content, we develop eye-catching visual graphics to create a final, pitchable package.

Of course, the number of links earned is one of the top metrics in any digital PR campaign — but that’s not all there is. Digital PR campaigns drive traffic to your site, increase brand awareness and authority, as well as contribute to your online reputation. We report on these metrics at the end of each link building effort.

There are a number of ways a digital PR campaign can be considered successful. Some campaigns are created to target certain types of links from relevant publishers and sites, while others are created to earn links from diverse domains to strengthen your site’s backlink profile.

Are you ready to create amazing tangential content with us? We know we are! Reach out to us today to learn more about our digital PR services!

Traditional PR will focus more on building journalist relationships through mediums such as print, radio, magazines and TV. In contrast, digital PR is targeted towards online channels such as digital publications, social media, blogs, podcasts and other online mediums.

The best digital PR agencies include:

  1. Go Fish Digital
  2. Siege Media
  3. Rise at Seven
  4. Aira
  5. Green Flag Digital

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