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What Is Shopify SEO?

Shopify SEO is a branch of search engine optimization that applies to the Shopify platform. Shopify stores will often have technical improvements that could be made out of the box such as reducing duplicate content, improving Core Web Vitals, adjusting site architecture and more. As well, there are many contextual considerations for Shopify SEO such as identifying revenue-generating keywords, intent mapping and new content creation.

Shopify Structured Data: Schema Markup For Shopify

What We Do

Contextual SEO

With our contextual services, our Shopify SEO agency finds ways to improve the content on your website. We identify strategies to improve the optimization of category, product, and blog pages of your Shopify store. This strategy involves analyses to help improve keyword targeting, identify content gaps, and enhance your store’s overall UX. We also perform deep dives into your target keywords’ intent, and determine which pages align the best with your key user queries.

Some of the best Shopify SEO services include:

  • New content opportunities to improve market share
  • On page optimizations of category, product and blog pages
  • Internal linking recommendations
  • Content gap reviews
  • Category and product page UX reviews
  • Store navigation improvements
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Technical SEO

While Shopify can be a great foundation for many eCommerce stores, some common technical SEO issues are associated with the platform. We have developed internal processes to quickly identify and improve common technical SEO issues related to Shopify. We review your site and provide guidance on removing duplicate content, improving site performance, and identifying any crawling or indexing issues.

Our Shopify SEO agency provides comprehensive technical reviews such as:

  • Identification of duplicate content issues that are common to Shopify stores
  • Rendering reviews to identify if search engines can correctly interpret JavaScript
  • Site crawls to uncover crawling issues search engines might be having
  • Structured data reviews to ensure page templates are utilizing proper schema elements
  • Deep dives into Search Console to find crawling and indexation issues
  • Core Web Vital comparisons to ensure your Shopify store has a strong page experience
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A Data-Focused Approach

When setting the strategy for your Shopify store, our team takes a data-focused approach. We’ll review your site’s paid search data to better understand which products and categories drive revenue for your business. By checking your paid data, we’ll be able to identify your highest priority pages to optimize. We’ll also be able to identify gaps for paid keywords that convert well but where your site might have content gaps in organic search.

Shopify SEO Services

Keyword Research

Detailed research to uncover the most profitable keywords for your store.

Technical SEO

Recommendations to fix problematic technical SEO issues on Shopify.

Content Optimization

Content recommendations for your category and product pages.

Speed Optimization

Insights into improving site performance by identifying elements that slow down Shopify stores.

UX Improvements

Guidance on how to ensure your users get the best experience possible.


Regular reports on core KPIs to make sure your revenue from organic traffic grows.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Testing content and layout changes to maximize the chance of a sale.

Your Guide To Shopify SEO

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Chapter 1

SEO For Shopify

Our Moz article on how to improve SEO on the Shopify platform

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Chapter 2

Shopify Sitemap.xml Guide

Everything you need to know about your Shopify’s sitemap.xml files

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Chapter 3

Shopify Speed Optimization

Our guide on how to improve common Shopify performance issues

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Chapter 4

Shopify SEO Checklist

A comprehensive SEO checklist for Shopify stores

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Chapter 5

Shopify Plus SEO

A guide to improve the SEO of Shopify Plus stores

Google Autocomplete Tool

Chapter 6

Duplicate Content

Learn how to reduce duplicate content on Shopify

Shopify SEO FAQs

Some of the most common Shopify SEO services include:

  • Duplicate content removal
  • Site architecture improvements
  • Keyword research
  • Structured data reviews
  • Indexation audits
  • Core Web Vitals optimizations
  • New content opportunities
  • Category and product page optimizations

Out of the box, Shopify includes some good SEO foundational elements. Within Shopify’s native platform you can perform SEO initiatives such as:

  1. Adjust the title tag & meta description in the “Search engine listing preview” section
  2. Setting 301 redirects using the URL Redirects tool.
  3. Adjusting the on-page content of product, category and blog pages
  4. A CDN to help improve load times backed by Fastly

There are also third party solutions that you can utilize to improve the SEO of your Shopify store such as Yoast SEO for Shopify.

Yes, you can use Yoast with the Shopify platform! Yoast has released a Shopify app that allows you to set title tags, meta descriptions and analyze the optimization of content.

Generally when choosing between Shopify and WordPress, sites should consider their different goals. The Shopify platform is better for eCommerce sites while WordPress is preferred for informational & content websites. Overall, WordPress is more equipped for SEO as compared to Shopify but users should consider their individual business needs when choosing between the two.

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