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What Is Ecommerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO is the marketing practice of improving the search engine optimization of online stores. Ecommerce SEO heavily involves technical SEO initiatives such as crawl budget optimization, site structure optimization, structured data enhancements, indexation improvements and more.

The team at Go Fish Digital helps move your site to the top of the search results with our unique approach to SEO for ecommerce. To do this, we combine two of our primary strategies: technical SEO and digital PR campaigns. While we take a deep dive into your website and the sites of your competition to identify issues, opportunities, and threats, our content team is hard at work producing creative assets to bring in news coverage, backlinks, and exposure to your business to build your brand online. With all these facets combined, Google gets the signal that your site is the strongest among the competition and moves you up in the organic search results.


Keyword Research For Ecommerce SEO

The success of your eCommerce SEO strategy largely depends on finding the right keywords. The at Go Fish Digital digs deep into your industry, market, and competitor landscape to find high-priority, conversion-driven keywords. We seek to understand the phrases your potential customers are using to find your products.

We take a revenue-based approach to ecommerce keyword research. We’ll also analyze your Google Ads data to understand which queries are actually driving revenue for your business. Our team will then integrate those queries into your overall SEO strategy. With our keyword research services, we can help improve your visibility, increase traffic, and drive more sales to your store.

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Ecommerce Site Structure Improvements

An ecommerce website with a logical and user-friendly structure can significantly enhance SEO performance and customer experience. Since ecommerce sites can be quite large, Google needs to be able to properly crawl your content and discover pages that are deeper in your site architecture.

Go Fish Digital’s team will audit your site’s current structure, making sure it’s simple and easy for both users and search engines to navigate. From setting up a clear hierarchy, improving navigation, to creating a comprehensive and efficient internal linking strategy, we’ll make your ecommerce website intuitive, encouraging visitors to stay longer and search engines to crawl and index more efficiently.

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Indexation Reviews For Ecommerce SEO

Efficient indexation is key to ensuring your ecommerce site gets the visibility it deserves on search engine result pages. However, ecommerce sites can be more complex it nature, making it difficult for search engines to properly crawl, understand and index them at scale.

Our team conducts thorough indexation reviews, identifying potential issues that could be limiting your site’s indexation on search engines. Whether it’s blocking crawler access to certain sections, finding unindexed content, or reviewing Search Console’s Index Coverage report, we’ll streamline the indexation process to enhance Google’s crawling efficiency.


Ecommerce Structured Data Enhancements

Structured data is crucial to providing search engines with more detailed information about your ecommerce site and products, and improving Google’s understanding of your site’s content. The Go Fish Digital team will work with your to review and improve the structured data implementation on your site. This includes providing guidance on schema for product pages, category pages, review stars and more. We’ll also perform competitor reviews to better understand the structured data they’re using to identify opportunities to implement new schema types on your site.

Ecommerce Platforms We Provide SEO Support For

Go Fish Digital has experience in providing SEO consulting for a wide variety of ecommerce platforms. We provide ecommerce SEO for:


Ecommerce SEO FAQs

While the types of ecommerce SEO services depend on the needs of the site, they generally include things such as structured data improvements, content creation, JavaScript rendering fix, Core Web Vitals optimization and more. Ecommerce sites are generally larger and more complex so they require more technical SEO reviews.

Ecommerce SEO will generally have a much larger focus on the technical side due to the advanced nature of many online stores. Many stores use a lot of marketing technology that can slow down sites and introduce complex JavaScript rendering elements on page content. Working in ecommerce SEO requires a deeper knowledge of crawling, rendering and indexation than more content-driven SEO initiatives.

Yes, SEO can be extremely beneficial for ecommerce stores. Through improved SEO efforts, you can directly improve your visibility for customers looking for your exact products. With improved SEO, this will decrease your customer acquisition costs and expand your marketing mix.

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