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What We Do

We help move your site to the top of the search results with our unique approach to SEO for e-Commerce. To do this, we combine two of our primary strategies: technical SEO and digital PR campaigns. While we take a deep dive into your website and the sites of your competition to identify issues, opportunities, and threats, our content team is hard at work producing creative assets to bring in news coverage, backlinks, and exposure to your business to build your brand online. With all these facets combined, Google gets the signal that your site is the strongest among the competition and moves you up in the organic search results.

Search Engine Optimization services can help your e-Commerce site stand out from the crowd, attract more visitors, and convert more visitors into customers.

Set Your Store Apart

The following examples show how we go about creating high-quality, unique content for our clients that builds your website’s authority and rankings and gets it in front of new customers. The social shares, links, and (Chrome) browser data created by our unique SEO approach helps Google recognize that your website has content that people trust. These signals, alongside industry-leading technical SEO, increase your site domain authority and rankings.

This isn’t an overnight trick. Instead, this is a lasting SEO strategy that will bring your site more relevant traffic, leads, and future clients.

GFD website christmas campaign graphics

Content Link Building Campaign

Which States Prefer Merry Christmas?

Our client, Treetopia, wanted to increase the number of backlinks to their site. We executed a number of technical SEO strategies and built content campaigns to attract high-quality backlinks. One of these content campaigns was based around the age-old debate of “Happy Holidays” vs “Merry Christmas”. The timeliness of this campaign helped encourage more traffic to the Treetopia site.

To consider the great debate of holiday salutations, we took a look at the geotagging feature of certain social media platforms and analyzed the data which helped us visualize where the phrases are used the most.

The graphics, showcasing the most interesting takeaways, helped us land coverage in 10+ digital news sources, traditional media outlets, as well as generate a strong buzz on social media channels. 5 links to this campaign came from sites who had a domain authority over 70.

Reviewing Treetopia’s existing content shows 3 of our campaigns in the top 10 most shared pieces of content.

GFD website interior design graphics

Content Link Building Campaign

Interior Design Dreams

Our client, a provider of window treatments, wanted to generate social media mentions and build their brand awareness. In order to reach their goals, we executed a number of strategies.

We connected our client’s expertise with a creative asset both sharable and entertaining, which obtained 10 backlinks with a domain authority over 25. This piece of content was very timely and relevant throughout the whole year which helped its longevity. A good resource for the brand’s clients, this creative campaign generated a large amount of traffic. Its strong performance with first-time visitors to the website showcases how the promotional phase of this campaign helped a new set of users find and connect with the Next Day Blinds e-Commerce brand.

GFD website engagement rings graphics

Content Link Building Campaign

Engagement Ring Preferences and Expectations

A client, Brilliant Earth, wanted to increase the amount of traffic to their website. Almost one-third of all engagements happen during the holiday season; rather, “proposal season”. We jumped on the proposal season news cycle by delving into how men and women approach the entire engagement process with a survey.

We began the process by developing the idea, distributing the research survey, and analyzing the results. We finalized the process by creating the graphics, too. The next steps included publishing the content on the client’s website while promoting it through specific, targeted outreach to journalists who would be interested in the coverage.

This creative approach and resource for a hot topic brought in 11 strong backlinks to sites with a domain authority over 50, generating massive amounts of traffic back to the Brilliant Earth site.

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