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What are Google Shopping Ads For Ecommerce?

Google Shopping ads (formerly Product Listing Ads) are a type of ad campaign that allows you to promote your store’s products directly in the search results. Shopping ads are an extremely powerful tool for retailers as it allows your products to be shown to customers when they’re searching Google for keywords related to your inventory. There are many benefits of Google Shopping ads including:

Visual: Compared to traditional text ads, Google Shopping ads are much more visual. Your product’s image, price, product rating and more can appear directly in the search results.

Transactional: Shopping ads are highly transactional in nature. Your products have the ability to appear when customers are searching for terms that indicate they might be interested in making a product purchase.

Product Insights: With Shopping ads, you can get powerful insights about how customers are interacting with your products. Retailers can see insights about product groups or individual SKUs and compare against benchmark data.

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Ad Account Audit

To begin, Go Fish Digital will audit your existing Google Shopping account and identify opportunities for improvement. We’ll review your existing Google Merchant account structure, review existing product groups and identify improvements that could be made to your bidding strategy.

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Review Your Product Data Feed

Your product data feed is one of the most crucial components of optimizing your Google Shopping or Performance Max campaigns. The team at Go Fish Digital will review improvements that could be made to elements such as your:

  1. Images
  2. Titles
  3. Description
  4. Pricing
  5. Reviews
  6. Product categories


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Google Smart Shopping Set Up

Google Smart Shopping is a type of campaign that utilizes Google’s machine learning to better connect your products with customers who are more likely to make a purchase. Oftentimes, we’ll find that Smart Shopping will outperform traditional Google Shopping campaigns for our clients. The Go Fish Digital team can help you set up, manage and measure the performance of Smart Shopping campaigns to determine if it’s the best fit for your store.


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Reporting On Ecommerce KPIs

Not only will Go Fish Digital help you set up, implement, and optimize Google Shopping campaigns, we’ll also analyze the performance and provide your team with regular monthly reports. With our monthly reports, you’ll be able to determine the progress of your campaign, changes to your core KPIs and identify areas of improvement for your campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect results quickly with Google Shopping campaigns. As soon as you turn on the campaign, your products should be eligible to appear in Google Shopping and the traditional search results.

However, our team will be continually monitoring your campaign for improvements. To start, we like to gather at least 60-90 days worth of data to make decisions about optimizing your Google Shopping campaign. From there, we’ll look for opportunities to improve product titles, images, underperforming products and much more.

Performance Max allows you to utilize Google’s machine learning to better connect your products with customers who are more likely to make a conversion. We often recommend testing this approach as it can be a great solution for many stores and a more efficient use of ad spend.

Go Fish Digital has experience managing and optimizing Google Shopping campaigns for both large retailers and DTC startups.

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