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Putting Your Best Digital Foot Forward

Every piece of information that’s out on the internet contributes to your online reputation — the good and the bad. When the bad information rises to the surface, whether that’s in search results, online reviews, or social mentions, it’s important that you tackle the problem head-on before your reputation takes a hit.

Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of making all of the positive information about you or your brand highly-visible and easy for your audience to find.

The ORM team at Go Fish Digital specializes in both repairing online reputations and proactively building and maintaining reputations for all types of brands, from personal to Fortune 500.

We know that brand identity and perception is everything, so we’ve developed a comprehensive approach to ORM services that makes our clients stand out (in a good way!).

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Our Process

With online reputation management services, there is no “one size fits all” strategy. Our goal is to improve your search results and reviews to craft your online reputation into something that truly reflects your brand and all the hard work you’ve done to build it.

We offer a number of reputation management services that cover the key areas where your online reputation starts to be defined in a searcher’s mind. These areas include:

  • Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Search
  • Online Reviews (Yelp, Google, BBB, and others)
  • Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Autocomplete

As we progress through the project, we use a variety of strategies and tactics to diminish the visibility of negative content or even remove it altogether. The end result is a positive online reputation supported by high-ranking and highly-visible favorable content.

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The Go Fish Difference

The best online reputation management strategy starts with a solid foundation of SEO knowledge, and that’s where Go Fish Digital makes its biggest impact. Each project starts with a comprehensive audit of your online profiles so that we can identify SEO improvements that will have your content moving up the search results. We’ll also look at your competitors and peers to identify which content is missing from your online reputation mix.

Our goal is to help guide you to a sustainable ORM strategy. We won’t try to hijack Google’s algorithm for a temporary fix. We will help you suppress negative URLs with quality content, press, and social channels. We will work closely with you to develop a personalized plan that reflects your brand and your long-term goals for it.

We also recognize that your online reputation is not limited to just search results. Go Fish Digital pioneered ORM strategies around Google Autocomplete, online review management, Image Search, and proactive reputation management. We also built out a variety of in-house tools and custom reports that make tracking progress easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many clients come to us asking this question and unfortunately, the answer is, it usually depends. Repairing brands or an individuals’ reputation online can take anywhere from 3 months to a year, depending on what the goals and challenges are. We look at many of Google’s ranking factors and other variables when assessing this, and we can help give you a sense of what the timeline might look like when we review your project.

Our process is always changing to align with the most recent algorithm updates, and there are lots of factors that contribute to it! As a team, we research and stay up to date on the most important ranking factors in Google and work with those factors to promote positive content and channels. Increasing clicks, improving SEO on all owned web and social properties, and creating new content are just some of the tactics we use on when improving the search results.

Yes, our process does work! We have many case studies with different success timelines. However, it is important to understand that we are working alongside (and sometimes against!) an algorithm that is constantly changing, and some things are outside of our control. Success, and how long it takes to get there, depends on each client and their particular issue.

If we’re talking about reviews, then we have developed a tried-and-true process of helping our clients identify, flag, and get the removal of a review that violated that platform’s content guidelines. We have also run into cases where we can assist clients in the removal of a negative website result.

If something cannot be removed, then we work with our clients to draft messages and responses to best help the situation at hand. Sometimes we assist and guide our clients in the correct direction in taking legal action.


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