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What Are Shopify Development Services?

Shopify development is the practice of designing, testing and building a fully functional Shopify website for a business. Shopify website development often includes services such as website design, site performance improvements, UX enhancements, platform migration and more.

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Custom Shopify Design

In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, having a unique and compelling website design is essential to standing out. Our Custom Shopify Design services are geared towards creating a distinctive online presence that represents your brand and engages your audience. We collaborate with you to understand your vision, your brand guidelines, your core products and your unique value proposition. Our experienced designers then translate these elements into a beautiful, intuitive, and user-friendly Shopify store that not only looks good but also enhances user experience and drives conversions.

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Built With Shopify SEO In Mind

Oftentimes, Shopify sites are not built with SEO in mind and need adjustments to the default settings. By default, Shopify can create SEO issues such as duplicate content, confusing crawling directives and more. The team at Go Fish Digital has a lot of experience when it comes to Shopify SEO. Over the years, we’ve developed frameworks for how we work with Shopify sites to improve the foundational SEO elements.

When creating your Shopify site, we’ll apply our years of learning to your final website. This includes adjusting the common SEO issues found on Shopify sites, utilizing our preferred Shopify apps, enhancing site performance and more.

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Shopify Sites Built To Convert

A superior UX is crucial to driving conversions in your Shopify store. With our focus on enhancing UX, we aim to create an intuitive and engaging shopping experience that not only draws customers in but also encourages them to complete their purchases.

We carefully analyze customer behavior and preferences to design an easy-to-navigate site structure, intuitive product categories, and a quick and seamless checkout process. By eliminating friction points and providing clear, concise information, we ensure your customers can effortlessly browse, select, and purchase products, which in turn significantly improves conversion rates.

Shopify SEO Services

High-Performing Shopify Sites

Having a high-performing eCommerce site is not just beneficial, it’s imperative. A high-performing site translates to faster load times, higher customer satisfaction and ultimately improved conversion rates. Our team specializes in developing fast Shopify sites to ensure your online store operates efficiently and effectively.

We begin by optimizing your site’s speed, as even a slight delay in page load times can lead to cart abandonment. We also focus on creating a clean, intuitive design and site structure, ensuring your customers can easily navigate your store and find what they’re looking for. To ensure your site stays high-performing, we offer ongoing maintenance and support, monitoring your site’s performance, and making necessary updates and improvements. Our goal is to help you provide an exceptional shopping experience that will keep your customers coming back.

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Shopify Migration Services

If you’re migrating from another platform or upgrading such as WooCommerce or Magento, our Shopify migration services are designed to make the transition smooth, fast, and hassle-free. Our experienced developers ensure a seamless transfer of all your data, including products, customers, orders, and content. With our experience search team, we’ll provide guidance to ensure that your Shopify migration utilizes SEO best practices to preserve your organic visibility.

Shopify Development Services

An excellent user interface (UI) can have a significant impact on the overall customer experience and conversions for a Shopify site. A well-designed UI can make a website intuitive, user-friendly, and aesthetically appealing, allowing customers to navigate through it with ease. This leads to a more enjoyable and efficient browsing experience, increasing the likelihood that customers will remain on the site for longer periods.

A great UI can help improve conversions by providing customers with an intuitive and seamless buying process, making it easier for them to make purchases. A clean and well-organized UI can also help build trust and credibility with customers, which can lead to repeat business and customer loyalty.

Reliable website maintenance is crucial for any Shopify site. Proper maintenance ensures that your website is kept up-to-date, secure, and functioning at its best. Regular website maintenance helps to identify and fix issues before they become more significant problems.

It also ensures that the site is compatible with the latest updates of Shopify, themes, and apps, and that any necessary security patches are applied in a timely fashion. Poor maintenance can result in broken links, slow loading times, and website downtime resulting in a negative impact on the site’s UX and SEO.

With our website maintenance retainers, you can have peace of mind that your Shopify site will run smoothly.

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Shopify Development Portfolio

Over the years, we’ve launched hundreds of websites. A small sampling of some redesign projects are below. Drag the slider to the right to see the before and drag it back to the left to see the after!

workwise old site
workwise new site
Kuhn website before redesign
Kuhn website after redesign
excella old site
excella new site