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What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a valuable marketing strategy that allows businesses to nurture leads effectively. Marketing emails help you build a deeper relationship with your audience, keep them up to date with your offerings, and invite transactions.

This strategy can help turn prospects into customers and one-time buyers into loyal followers. Email marketing has a low barrier to entry and allows businesses to target and stay in touch with specific audiences.

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Improving Your ROI

While there are many do-it-yourself email platforms available online, successful email marketing requires experience and thoughtful strategies. Enlisting an email marketing expert can help to increase open rates, click-through rates, engagement, and conversions. This supports efficiency, ultimately saving time and money for your business.



Based on your business goals and priorities, we come up with a three to six-month comprehensive email marketing roadmap.


We deploy a top-notch email marketing team that will implement your email marketing strategy based on best practices.


Your email marketing strategy is never a one-and-done tactic. A successful email marketing program needs continuous monitoring, evaluation, and optimization.

Email Marketing Consultations

We know that some clients are looking for expert recommendations but not managed services. A comprehensive email marketing audit allows us to uncover the gaps and opportunities in email marketing programs.

Based on these findings, we craft targeted recommendations for coding, design, content, calls-to-action, frequency, send days, send times, account configuration, automation, and A/B testing. This insight can help your internal team manage campaigns more effectively, giving them the independence and expertise to succeed.

Campaigns & Templates

We review all templates and campaigns used in the past 12 months, including design, calls to action, coding, and subject lines to find opportunities to improve metrics that are meaningful to your business.

Technical Aspects

We assess any technical issues, such as deliverability, domain/IP blacklisting, spam complaints, and ESP account suspension to ensure that the emails your team spends time crafting are successfully delivered to your audience.

Data Points

We benchmark email metrics, top performer and lowest performer reviews, unsubscribes, and subscriber demographics to better streamline efficient workflows.

Platform Usage

We evaluate email automation, segmentation, list health (growth/shrinkage) targeting, and strategy review.

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