A 3,800% ROI From A Shopify SEO Campaign

The Goal

The client came to us seeking help to increase organic traffic to the overall website and product pages. They were being outranked by other vendor’s websites of their products and wanted to be the top rank result for a wide range of keywords for their website. While they sold their products through retail partners, they wanted to sell more directly to consumers through their Shopify site. Their goal in working with our team was three-fold:

  1. Improve organic search visibility
  2. Increase organic traffic
  3. Increase sales from organic traffic

The Strategy

Our core SEO strategy included keyword analysis, content organization, and structured implementation.

Keyword Research

We began by reviewing Google Ads data and optimizing the site’s content to target the highest revenue keywords. The website had content gaps that we identified and worked with the client to fill for specific keywords.

Technical SEO

We then applied targeted structured data markup from the Schema library, which enhanced search engine understanding of the client’s product pages and made them more eligible for capturing coveted search terms. The site also had common duplicate content issues associated with Shopify’s platform that we eliminated to improve site crawling and search results. There was also thin content that was created by the Shopify CMS that we eliminated from Google’s index.

Data Measurement

Our team carefully tracked featured organic traffic data, rankings, and sales from organic traffic from the beginning. Early on, we saw improvements in all three areas as we began to roll out our strategy. The data showed that the plan was effective, so implementation continued, with other SEO best practices being applied to the site alongside the main initiative.

The Results

Increase in ROI
Improvement in Organic Traffic
Keywords Ranking 1-3

Through the implementation of this strategy, we were able to meet and exceed ranking, organic traffic, and sales goal our client had set. The website achieved the #1-3 positions for 92 priority keywords, which improved organic traffic by 55% in one year. Sales revenue from organic traffic also saw significant improvements, increasing +368% since the beginning of the campaign. This resulted in our client experiencing an astronomical 3,891% Return on Investment.

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