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What Is Magento SEO?

Magento SEO refers to the set of search engine optimization techniques specifically tailored for websites built on the Magento  platform. This specialized form of SEO aims to improve the organic visibility, traffic, and conversions of a Magento website by optimizing various elements like website architecture, product listings, metadata, and content.

Understanding Magento SEO is crucial for online retailers looking to gain a competitive edge in the crowded e-commerce marketplace. While Magento does come with some built-in SEO features, leveraging its full potential requires an in-depth understanding of both SEO and the Magento platform itself. From optimizing product descriptions and images to implementing schema markup and improving site speed, Magento SEO encompasses a broad range of strategies aimed at enhancing both search engine rankings and user experience.

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Our Magento SEO Services

Contextual SEO

Our contextual SEO efforts take a user-first approach when it comes to optimizing your Magento store. Our team identifies strategies to help improve the strength of your store’s content and the overall experience of your users. This means ensuring that your store is targeting revenue-driving keywords, identifying gaps where your site needs new content to match query intent, optimizing the UX of your product and category pages, auditing your navigation and much more.

Technical SEO

Sites utilizing Magento are more prone to run into technical SEO issues and slower performance. Features such as faceted navigations and content loaded through JavaScript can cause major crawling and indexing issues that need to be addressed. Our technical SEO team can also help identify adjustments that can be made to help improve your store’s site speed. As well, our team can review your store’s site architecture, structured data, crawling directives and more to ensure that your site has a strong technical SEO foundation.

Specializing In Magento SEO

As experts in the field of search, we recognize the unique intricacies and capabilities that come with optimizing websites on the Magento platform. Our specialization means we are well-equipped to navigate its complex architecture and utilize its advanced features to your advantage. We have a proven track record of successfully optimizing various elements of Magento websites, from metadata, inventory management to site performance. Our comprehensive approach ensures that we leverage the best practices specifically suited for Magento, thereby maximizing your online visibility, traffic, and conversions.

Our experience with the Magento platform allows us to implement highly effective, tailored SEO strategies that other general SEO services might overlook. Whether it’s harnessing the power of Magento’s built-in SEO features or employing custom solutions to improve website performance, we are committed to delivering tangible results. Wecontinually monitor your site’s performance and make data-driven decisions that elevate your rankings in search engines. By specializing in Magento SEO, we provide a targeted, efficient route to achieving your e-commerce goals.

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A Data-Focused Approach

The team at Go Fish Digital takes a data-focused approach when looking to improve the SEO of your Magento site. Our team can review your Magento store’s paid search data to find the queries that generate the most revenue and have the best conversion rates. This helps our team get an understanding of which keywords impact your store’s business. We also utilize a large number of data sources when reviewing initiatives such as new content creation, Core Web Vitals, on-page optimizations and more. This helps give you more powerful insights on the potential ROI of your implementations.

Our Magento SEO Services

Keyword Research

Data-focused research to identify your store’s highest revenue generating keywords.

Technical SEO

Recommendations to adjust common technical SEO issues on Magento.

Content Optimization

Content and UX improvements for your category and product pages.

Speed Optimization

Insights on how to improve your Magento store’s performance.

UX Improvements

Guidance on how to ensure your users get the best experience possible.


Regular reports on your site’s core KPIs to track the ROI of your Magento SEO campaign.

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