Clothing Retailer Doubles Website Traffic and Triples Ecommerce Revenue

Technical SEO and Content Marketing Pushes Bella Ella Boutique’s Website to the Top of Google

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Bella Ella Boutique expanded from one to eight brick-and-mortar clothing store outlets, and sought to match its growth through reaching online customers. We quickly implemented technical SEO improvements as well as aggressive content marketing campaigns to help reach this goal.

Within a few months, Bella Ella received national press and backlinks from the Huffington Post, ABC News, and the Daily Herald. Our combined technical and creative efforts ultimately resulted in the website’s revenue increasing by 300%.

Launch Project

How we did it

Technical SEO:

We reviewed Bella Ella’s entire site for SEO opportunities and made improvements across several areas. This included optimizing title tags and meta descriptions for striking distance keywords, improving site copy, internal linking, and implementing local business schema markup. Additionally, we compressed images and enabled browser caching to maximize the page load speed of the site.

Creative Campaigns:

We supplemented our technical efforts by creating and launching engaging content campaigns to obtain links for Bella Ella Boutique from authoritative websites. Campaigns such as our “What’s in Your Closet” survey findings and an influencer campaign titled “5 Ways to Wear a Floral Top” successfully earned backlinks and mentions from Huffington Post, The Daily Herald, and ABC News, among others.


The website’s keyword rankings improved across the board and organic traffic climbed significantly. In March 2016, the company’s website was ranking on page 3 for the query ‘online boutiques’, which had a Monthly Search Volume of about 40,000. By March 2017, its ranking position soared to the top half of the first page. During the first few months of the engagement, Bella Ella’s online sales tripled and the trend continued.

Data Points: