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Machine-Learned Disambiguation of Searcher Action Data

What Might a Search Engine Learn From Searcher Action Data? This patent is about improving the working of a computer. Searcher action data may represent financial transactions. A credit card statement may include financial transaction data about...

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Contextual Information Recommendations from a Search Engine

Posted @ Oct 13 2021 by

Why Add Contextual Information to A Query? Google has introduced additions to user interfaces on mobile devices, like how...

Video Collages With Interesting Moments

Posted @ Sep 30 2021 by

Photo Collages and Video Collages We may see video collages in hardware associated with Google that generates videos. Google...

SEO for Podcasts in 6 Easy Steps

Posted @ Sep 19 2021 by

What’s your favorite podcast? What do you like to listen to? Politics? Sports? DnD? Have you ever sat down...

Audio Query Disambiguation at Google

Posted @ Sep 16 2021 by

The next time I have questions about songs, I might play the Ramones or the Mekons and ask Google...

Detecting Brand Penetration Over Geographic Locations

Posted @ Sep 08 2021 by

A Brand Penetration System To Generate Indices Using Brand Detections From Geo-Located Images And Corresponding Locations It looks like...

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Plan Your Work Week

Posted @ Sep 03 2021 by

Learning how to plan your work week is an essential skill for any professional role. Effectively planning your work...

Navigation and Transit Communication at Google

Posted @ Aug 27 2021 by

Navigation and Transit Communication at Google I recently wrote a post about Locally Prominent Semantic Features. It focused on...

4 Tips for Crafting Email Pitches That Grab Journalists’ Attention

Posted @ Aug 24 2021 by

In today’s world, we get more than a handful of emails each day. From friends and colleagues to discounts...

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