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How to Improve Reviews for Multiple-Location Businesses

One of the most fundamental parts of your brand’s online reputation is customer reviews. Having a strategy in place for monitoring, responding to, and requesting new online reviews can feel like a full-time job, even for a...

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Will Google Help Video Creators with Video Optimization?

Posted @ Jul 07 2020 by

Will Google Start Offering Video Optimization Suggestions? A patent application originally filed in October of 2013, and published on...

Solutions To Avoid Five Common CRO Mistakes

Posted @ Jun 29 2020 by

As a marketer, you spend a lot of time thinking about how to bring traffic to your website through...

Where Are Query Images That Accompany Query Answers Selected From?

Posted @ Jun 24 2020 by

Query Images may be selected from the same source that a query answer may be extracted from under a...

How to Optimize for Voice Search

Posted @ Jun 17 2020 by

Voice search has changed a lot since Apple released Siri in 2011. Back then, Siri was more or less...

Ranking Search Results based on Information Gain Scores

Posted @ Jun 15 2020 by

What are Information Gain Scores? A different way of ranking sources of information responsive to search requests is the...

Why it’s Important to Build a Team with Diverse Career Backgrounds

Posted @ Jun 03 2020 by

Digital marketing is an interesting industry, specifically the link-building aspect of it. I try to explain my job to...

Word Sense Disambiguation Using Neural Networks

Posted @ Jun 01 2020 by

Word Sense Disambiguation Helps Google Understand the Meaning of a Word on a Page About 40% of English words...

A Native Application Vertical Search Engine at Google

Posted @ May 19 2020 by

Google was granted a patent last week that is about a search engine that can do keyword searches (or...

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