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Will Microsoft Start Displaying Entity Information in Browsers?

A patent from the Software and Search Engine Company, Microsoft, shows a new way to display Entity and related social media information from visited webpages that could be worth paying attention to. Sometimes it can be interesting...

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Adjusting Keyword Strategy Over Time for Optimal SEO Results

Posted @ Apr 19 2019 by

Whether you’re starting with a new, fresh-out-of-the-box website, or you’re building onto years of SEO history, it can be...

Improving Page Load Time on WordPress Websites

Posted @ Apr 12 2019 by

If you’ve spent any time developing on WordPress, you’ve probably encountered a slow theme that loads tons of files...

Working Related Entities Into Sites

Posted @ Apr 09 2019 by

Microsoft Is Focusing On Entities, Too It is interesting comparing Google and Bing. Microsoft was granted a patent about...

Preventative Online Reputation Management

Posted @ Apr 08 2019 by

In today’s digital world, your online reputation is one of the most important things to protect. When people search...

Conversational Search Queries at Google (Context from Previous Sessions)

Posted @ Apr 04 2019 by

If you remember when the Hummingbird Update was announced at Google’s 15th birthday, they also displayed how they were...

What Does Article 11 or “The Link Tax” Mean for SEO in the EU

Posted @ Mar 28 2019 by

What does the European Union’s Article 11, colloquially referred to as “The Link Tax,” mean for search engine optimization...

Typeface Pairing for the Non-Designer

Posted @ Mar 22 2019 by

Designers are often tasked with incorporating text with designed elements. Figuring out which typeface to use for any given...

User Click Through Rates and Search Result Rankings at Google

Posted @ Mar 18 2019 by

Does Google Use User Click Through Rates and User Behavior to Influence Search Result Rankings? We’ve been told many...

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