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Are You Using Google Phrase-Based Indexing?

Posted @ May 17 2017 by Bill Slawski

Phrase-Based Indexing can help a page become more relevant for specific query terms with the presence of co-occurring phrases upon it that are related to those queries; and anchor text pointed to that page using related phrases. Phrase-Based Indexing is something worked upon at Google since at least 2004. When Anna Lynne Patterson wrote the […]

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The Best SEO Tools Of 2017

The 5 Best SEO Tools Of 2017

Posted @ May 11 2017 by Chris Long

It can be very difficult to know where to begin when starting a new SEO campaign. Sure, you may understand that external links are one of the key components of Google’s algorithm, but is that the thing you should be focused on first? Any data-driven SEO needs to have a reliable set of tools in […]

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Google Updates Their One Box Patent

Posted @ May 04 2017 by Bill Slawski

A continuation patent about Google Oneboxes shows how user experience data will likely play a larger role in determining whether or not a onebox appears for a set of search results, including oneboxes for fact repository queries, such as Featured snippets What We Knew About One Boxes In 2007, I wrote about a patent in […]

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7 Common Online Reputation Management Questions: Answered

Posted @ May 02 2017 by Samantha Hughes

Another day, another brand in crisis.  Whether it is Chipotle last year, United Airlines this year, or <fill in the blank> next year, there is no shortage of companies that have reputation issues to resolve.  And while most aren’t as bad as dragging a concussed passenger off of a plane, even smaller issues can linger in […]

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Local Query Suggestions Based Upon Where People Search

Posted @ Apr 20 2017 by Bill Slawski

People search from many different places, and the things that they search for at some places may show up in search results as query suggestions. A recent Google patent tells us more about how the search engine might use information gathered from searches at different locations to help other searchers… When you perform a search […]

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Migrating your site to HTTPS is important for site security and SEO

The 3 Most Important Steps in a Website HTTPS Migration

Posted @ Apr 12 2017 by JR Ridley

If you’ve done any website work over the last 5 years, it’s almost guaranteed you’ve heard of HTTPS. HTTPS is the new promising Internet protocol, making the web more secure for all users. It’s also one of the fastest growing Internet trends, as the number of HTTPS sites doubled in 2016. We’ve worked with several […]

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A Press Pass

How Google May Associate Images with Search Results

Posted @ Apr 06 2017 by Bill Slawski

How Images May be Chosen for Search Results A few years ago, some former employees of Google (at least one who has since returned) started a search engine with the name Cuil, which was called a Google-killer when it first started. It became known for showing images with search results, and those images weren’t always […]

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7 Free Design Tools to Create Impressive Graphics

Posted @ Mar 31 2017 by Blake Compton

This is my very first ‘Oprah’ moment. Being a frugal graphic designer by nature, I am always on the hunt for good open-source and/or free tools and utilities. So although I can’t give everyone a free car over the internet, I can share my list of favorite free design tools. What follows are my top free stock […]

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Google Caffeine

Caffeine: Google’s Indexer

Posted @ Mar 23 2017 by Bill Slawski

Google search engine updates are often mysterious events, but sometimes I come across information in Google patents that provide some insights into how something works. One Google update that was aimed at making Google much faster than it had been was the Caffeine update, which was officially announced by Google in 2010 with this post: […]

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Egobait: 4 Types for Successful Content and Powerful Connections

Posted @ Mar 14 2017 by Jessie Butner

It’s a simple matter of human nature: people enjoy receiving compliments. Individuals want to hear that they are superstars in their industry, companies want to be told that their product is a success, and locals want to know that their city is the best place in the country. It is this innate desire for approval […]

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