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No One’s Greatest Weakness Is “Caring Too Much”

Our hiring process at Go Fish Digital is something we’ve always been careful about. We’re not snobs, but we are obsessed with the idea of creating the perfect team. Our interview process is a part of how...

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A Designer’s 5 Basic Tips to Improving your PowerPoint Slides

Posted @ May 22 2019 by

I have been asked a lot lately to help improve slide deck designs for my coworkers and even by...

Instagram Updates Bring Both Fear and Excitement to the Influencer Industry

Posted @ May 20 2019 by

Instagram has come a long way since launching in October 2010. A tool that used to be for amateur...

Don’t Be Afraid To Bring Your Personal Passions To Work

Posted @ May 16 2019 by

When it comes to creating content, especially content for your company or client, it can be easy to narrow...

A New Type of Google Contextual Questions

Posted @ May 15 2019 by

Google Crowdsourcing Local Information Using Contextual Questions A newly granted Google patent starts off by telling us that some...

I’m Considered “Non-Technical” – Should I Learn How to Code?

Posted @ May 10 2019 by

Yes! I get a lot of questions from coworkers, friends, and family about how and why I learned to...

Four Solutions To Combat Brain Drain

Posted @ May 08 2019 by

If you’ve worked in any creative capacity you’ve probably experienced brain drain every now and again. Brain drain is...

Structured Data in Search

Posted @ May 02 2019 by

Increased Role for Structured Data at Google Recently I wrote about Trust Metrics at Google, which explored some of...

Trust Metrics at Google

Posted @ May 01 2019 by

Looking at Trust Metrics at Google

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