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Rewriting Queries Based Upon Entities at Nearby Locations

After some testing, this post is primarily about being persistent and willing to test new things you come across, because if you aren’t willing to try to test them, then you may never know whether Google might...

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Query Pattern Generation at Google

Posted @ Nov 13 2019 by

How Queries May Determine Intent Classifiers When someone is searching for something, they will type a few keywords into...

5 Quirky and Useful Lorem Ipsum Generators

Posted @ Nov 11 2019 by

Lorem ipsum dolor sit… are you getting tired of using the same strange language for placeholder text in your...

How to Map 301 Redirects to Relevant Content

Posted @ Oct 31 2019 by

Redirecting broken links to live pages on your website is a great way to “reclaim” lost link equity. However,...

How Might Google Extract Entity Relationship Information from Q&A Pages?

Posted @ Oct 29 2019 by

How helpful might question and answer websites be in providing a search engine with information about entities, and entity-relationship...

How My Humanities Degree Prepared Me for a Career in Digital Marketing

Posted @ Oct 25 2019 by

In March of my sophomore year of college, I had a decision to make—and it was one that I...

When Google May Add Locations to Web Pages in SERPs

Posted @ Oct 18 2019 by

Sometimes Google rewrites titles to Web Pages. If you search for the Space Needle in Seattle, you may just...

Answering Questions Using Knowledge Graphs

Posted @ Oct 14 2019 by

Knowledge Graphs are Becoming More Popular I’m seeing a number of articles, and a patent about answering questions using...

5 Steps to Launching a Successful Google Ads Campaign

Posted @ Oct 09 2019 by

Creating Google Ads campaign strategies is always exciting, but can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re not familiar...

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