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Universal Design and Marketability: How to Improve the Inclusivity of Your Website

Everyone knows the experience of using a horribly designed website. It may be hard to read, the pictures won’t load, navigating through different pages is a headache, it’s too hard to use. So you leave and find...

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How to Blend and Rerank Search Results at Apple

Posted @ Jun 16 2021 by

Another Sign that Apple Search is On It’s Way Apple appears to be working towards developing a search engine....

Start Application Organization & Stop Online Hoarding

Posted @ Jun 15 2021 by

The online world is a constantly changing place. It can be overwhelming between social media, forums, blogs, news, and...

3 Tips for Becoming a Manager

Posted @ Jun 10 2021 by

So, you want to be a manager. Maybe you’re ready to expand your career. Maybe you are full of...

Relevant Search Results for Longer Documents at Google

Posted @ Jun 09 2021 by

Ranking of Books and Other Long Documents in Search Results A newly granted Google patent tells us about information...

Benefits of Link Building – What Is It & Why Do It

Posted @ Jun 08 2021 by

Have you been looking into content marketing as a marketing strategy for your business? Have you come across link...

7 Myths About Pitching Journalists

Posted @ Jun 01 2021 by

Whether it’s your first time or 5,000th-time sending outreach, knowing how to pitch journalists can be intimidating. The last...

7 Tips for Creating a Personal Brand Online

Posted @ May 27 2021 by

Building a consistent, recognizable brand is key to achieving your professional goals. Whether you realize it or not, you...

Local Predictive Search Suggestions From Google

Posted @ May 25 2021 by

Predictive Search Suggestions Based on Location This patent is about providing information relevant to search queries. Internet search engines...

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