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Might We Soon See Apple Augmented Reality?

Posted @ Jul 25 2016 by Bill Slawski

Where Might Apple Fit into this New World of Augmented Reality Devices? Will we see Apple Augmented Reality Displays sometime soon? Apple was granted a patent this month that describes display devices running applications that show off Augmented Reality. After the success that Ninendo and Ninantic have been having with Pokémon, a run-away hit, it […]

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Snapchat is king

Snapchat Numbers: How Millennials Picked the New King of Social

Posted @ Jul 13 2016 by Daniel Russell

If you haven’t puked rainbows or swapped faces with a friend on Snapchat, you’re probably over the age of 25.  Snapchat has become one of the major social media players in the last couple years and is snapping up droves of users in high school and college.  Everywhere you look, students are drawing on their photos, […]

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About Those Changes to the Google Keyword Planning Tool

Posted @ Jul 08 2016 by Bill Slawski

Google has changed a resource that many SEOs have been relying upon for years to discover how much search traffic different words and phrases attracted from searchers each month. It’s been an important tool in content creation and SEO planning for many sites that were hoping to potentially rank well in Google. That change was […]

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SEO How-To for AngularJS Websites and Apps

Posted @ Jul 05 2016 by JR Ridley

As anyone who has spent any time in the world of SEO knows, SEO and web design go together like cats and bathtubs. Web Designers like to experiment with new graphics, new features, and new capabilities, many of which are not consistent with the guidelines Google puts in place for websites to rank. In turn, […]

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Google glass song recognition

Google Glass to Perform Song Recognition, and Play ‘Name that Tune’?

Posted @ Jun 23 2016 by Bill Slawski

A More Fun Google Glass? Last week Google was granted a patent that sounds like it might make Google Glass fun, which may have been an element that was missing from them before. Imagine that you hum a tune, or sing a snippet of a song, or whistle a tune, and Google could perform song […]

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5 Steps to Get Your Content Picked Up By Top News Sites

Posted @ Jun 16 2016 by Kat Haselkorn

At Go Fish Digital, we’ve seen different types of content ebb and flow in popularity. Remember when infographics were everywhere? Then, of course, there were instructographics. Next up were microsites and parallax scrolling landing pages. Not to say all of these concepts are totally outdated now, but lately, when it comes to creating great content for […]

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Clustered Entities in Google’s Search Results

Posted @ Jun 09 2016 by Bill Slawski

Queries and Known Entities Google Search Engineer Paul Haahr gave a presentation at SMX in March titled How Google Works, and he shared some interesting information about how Google processed queries. He told us, for instance, that Google would often look to see if a query was associated with an entity, or as he puts […]

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Sentiment as a Ranking Signal for Entities

Posted @ May 20 2016 by Bill Slawski

Sentiment Phrases Back before there were Google+ pages for businesses, Google had Place Pages for businesses, and Google would show off sentiment-rich snippets from reviews of those places, which I wrote about in Google’s New Sentiment Phrase Snippets For Google Places. I was discussing sentiment rich reviews recently with Barbara Starr, who pointed out some […]

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Organic traffic drops

What to do when your organic search traffic drops

Posted @ May 16 2016 by Daniel Russell

Sometimes visitors just stop coming to your website and you don’t know why. The traffic on your top page suddenly drops or traffic across your website as a whole starts declining. What do you do? Well, for starters, you should try to find out why the drop occurred. If you find the problem and it’s […]

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TV Coming Soon to Google

Posted @ May 05 2016 by Bill Slawski

Television Listings to Appear on Google Television and the Web are going to become much closer. A couple of weeks ago, Google announced at a National Association of Broadcasters conference that they would start returning TV listings in response to searches: What we’re seeing is that more and more, viewers are turning to their phones […]

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