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Answering Questions with Structured Data

Only the Facts, Fast Back in 2005, The Official Google Blog published a post called, Just the Facts, Fast. Recently, Google has been showing single result answers to queries that has captured a lot of attention in...

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Everything I know about Project Management I Learned from my Kids

Posted @ Mar 08 2018 by

Married couples with kids were once the majority of the population, but that percentage has declined over the years...

SEO Moves From Keywords to Ontologies and Query Patterns

Posted @ Mar 05 2018 by

From Keywords to Ontologies When we ask Google, “How tall is Barack Obama,” we aren’t searching for pages that...

6 Times Branded Keywords Should Be Part of Your PPC Strategy

Posted @ Feb 22 2018 by

When should you bid on your own company name? One of the most frequent questions I hear from clients...

Google Changes How they Understand Place Names in a Knowledge Graph

Posted @ Feb 15 2018 by

Place Names in the Knowledge Graph Before Google had a Knowledge Graph, it had built a Fact Repository. Google...

Something Old, Something New: Is Originality Overrated?

Posted @ Feb 13 2018 by

No idea is original. Unfortunately, that might sound a little pessimistic or a little insulting. Either way, the fact...

Related Entity Scores in Knowledge Based Searches

Posted @ Feb 11 2018 by

“The perfect search engine would understand exactly what you mean and give you back exactly what you want.” Larry...

How Google May Determine Similar Local Entities

Posted @ Jan 29 2018 by

Local Search is Filled with Local Entities Having Local Significance Google’s Local Search is more semantic-based than their organic...

How to Improve Your TripAdvisor Rating: 6 Do’s and Don’ts

Posted @ Jan 23 2018 by

For business owners in the travel & hospitality industries, TripAdvisor has become much more than an online guide to...

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