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Disambiguating Search Input Based On Context of Input

“Hey Google; New York, New York!” Google hears a query for “New York, New York.” Does it give directions, play a Frank Sinatra Song, or show tourist style search results? Likely that depends upon the context of...

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4 Takeaways from HeroConf Austin 2018

Posted @ May 10 2018 by

Since getting back from the PPC-centric HeroConf in Austin a couple weeks ago, my mind has been buzzing with...

How Google Built Machine Learning into their Job Search Engine

Posted @ Apr 26 2018 by

I’ve had some people ask me recently why I think it is important to share patents that describe things...

Google Granted Patent for “Predicting a User’s Needs for a Particular Context”

Posted @ Apr 13 2018 by

Stop Guessing Query Terms Usually, when someone uses a search engine, they enter search query terms or a question...

My Fifth Post About Context at Google: Adding Context Facts to Question Answers

Posted @ Apr 02 2018 by

Context Facts Tell Us How Entities are Related Google provides an example of how a site can use context...

5 Content Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Posted @ Apr 02 2018 by

With the exponential growth in content marketing, there’s a lot of competition out there and ensuring your content stands...

Answering Questions with Structured Data

Posted @ Mar 20 2018 by

Only the Facts, Fast Back in 2005, The Official Google Blog published a post called, Just the Facts, Fast....

Everything I know about Project Management I Learned from my Kids

Posted @ Mar 08 2018 by

Married couples with kids were once the majority of the population, but that percentage has declined over the years...

SEO Moves From Keywords to Ontologies and Query Patterns

Posted @ Mar 05 2018 by

From Keywords to Ontologies When we ask Google, “How tall is Barack Obama,” we aren’t searching for pages that...

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