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Updated: Inferring Geographic Entity Locations in Queries

Where Do Entity Locations Appear in Queries? Some search queries submitted by searchers refer to physical locations. The search engine can quickly provide information about entity locations, which may be in addition to the responsive search results....

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Enhancing Sitelinks With Creative Content

Posted @ Nov 19 2021 by

Enhancing Sitelinks Patent is About Adding Relevant Text to Sitelinks I have written about Google sitelinks and the patented...

Don’t Forget About Your Online Reviews: They’re Everywhere!

Posted @ Nov 18 2021 by

In today’s world, reviews matter. Everyone consults online review platforms such as Yelp and Google to determine whether or...

Sharing User Activity Data at Google

Posted @ Nov 10 2021 by

Every breath you take And every move you make Every bond you break Every step you take I’ll be...

Machine-Learned Disambiguation of Searcher Action Data

Posted @ Oct 22 2021 by

What Might a Search Engine Learn From Searcher Action Data? This patent is about improving the working of a...

Contextual Information Recommendations from a Search Engine

Posted @ Oct 13 2021 by

Why Add Contextual Information to A Query? Google has introduced additions to user interfaces on mobile devices, like how...

Video Collages With Interesting Moments

Posted @ Sep 30 2021 by

Photo Collages and Video Collages We may see video collages in hardware associated with Google that generates videos. Google...

SEO for Podcasts in 6 Easy Steps

Posted @ Sep 19 2021 by

What’s your favorite podcast? What do you like to listen to? Politics? Sports? DnD? Have you ever sat down...

Audio Query Disambiguation at Google

Posted @ Sep 16 2021 by

The next time I have questions about songs, I might play the Ramones or the Mekons and ask Google...

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