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Google’s High Quality Sites Patent

Posted @ Dec 07 2016 by Bill Slawski

You may recognize the names of one of the inventors of the patent I am writing a post about. He had one of the most talked about Google Updates named after him. It is known as Panda. A Google Blog post about Panda refers to it as the “high quality sites” update; this patent talks […]

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surfing in carlsbad

Might Google Personalize Search Results Based upon Membership in Social Network Communities

Posted @ Nov 30 2016 by Bill Slawski

Might Google use information from social networks to personalize someone’s search queries and results, and improve their experience with the search engine? A patent granted to Google at the United States Patent and Trademark Office in early November describes a process that would allow for such personalization. The patent points out some potential problems that […]

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mapping distance for ranking

Google to Use Distance from Mobile Location History for Ranking in Local Search

Posted @ Nov 17 2016 by Bill Slawski

Ranking factors for local search (and Google maps navigation and business listings) differ from signals that might be used in Web Search. I’ve seen suggestions that requests for driving directions to a place be a possible indication of a place that should rank highly in local search. A patent application published this week points to […]

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Increase CTR with SEO Title Tag

How Title Tags Can Increase Your CTR

Posted @ Nov 15 2016 by Mia Ficken

Are you looking to increase Click-Through Rates (CTR’s) to your site from search engines? Before jumping straight to spending more on ads or doing massive rewrites on meta descriptions, there is one area you should spend some time working on: title tags. Some of the more important aspects of on-page optimization for as long as SEO […]

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Improve Yelp Ratings

How to Increase Your Yelp Rating Using Yelp’s 7 Content Guidelines

Posted @ Nov 01 2016 by Daniel Russell

This video explains Yelp’s 7 Content Guidelines and how you can use them to improve your Yelp rating. Transcript of Yelp Content Guidelines and Flagging Hello! My name’s Daniel Russell and here at Go Fish Digital we’ve made a series of videos about how your business can improve its Yelp star ratings and reviews. Today, I’ll […]

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google news headlines

Originality Replaces Geography as Ranking Signal in Google News

Posted @ Oct 28 2016 by Bill Slawski

In anticipation of this post, I ran a poll on Twitter… If I were to ask you last week, how much of a role does originality play in the ranking of news articles shown by Google in their news section, and you had answered that it wasn’t as important as other signals, you may have […]

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How to get started on Snapchat

How to get your business started on Snapchat in 4 steps

Posted @ Oct 24 2016 by Daniel Russell

This video gives 4 steps that your business can follow as it gets started on Snapchat. Transcript of Snapchat for Business Hi there! My name is Daniel Russell and welcome to another tech talk. Today we’ll be talking about how you can get your business started on Snapchat. Snapchat is the rising king of social […]

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App Store Optimization video

How to Increase Your App Store Ranking in 4 Easy Steps

Posted @ Oct 06 2016 by Daniel Russell

This video provides a 4-step guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) and explains how you can increase your app store ranking and your mobile app downloads with ASO. Transcript on App Store Optimization – increase mobile app downloads with these 4 easy steps Hi, my name is Daniel Russell and welcome to another tech talk. […]

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A Case for Instagram Stories

Posted @ Oct 03 2016 by Emily Berry

Two of the largest social media giants have recently gone head to head on a new front: Stories. With the release of Instagram Stories, Snapchat and Instagram are now competing for your content and attention centered on the fleeting moments in life. The idea of short, expiring stories was developed by Snapchat, but Instagram is […]

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businesses on snapchat

5 Fatal Mistakes Businesses Are Making on Snapchat

Posted @ Aug 27 2016 by Kat Haselkorn

Snapchat isn’t a new platform anymore and it’s certainly not a social media offering that’s going away anytime soon. The stats are staggering. Valued at $20 billion (and growing!) and with 150 million daily users, the app surpasses Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn when it comes to regular engagement and is officially a household name. Even […]

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