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A New Navigation System Hinted at Google Maps

Changes Coming to Local Search? Google made an announcement recently about changes to local search. Those are detailed in: Google Changes How Local Search Results Are Generated. It tells us that they are “applying neural matching to...

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5 Ways to Use Professional Empathy to Boost Website Copy

Posted @ Jan 22 2020 by

Copywriters are tasked with creating engaging, accessible, and actionable content that will lead someone to take action on a...

5 Overlooked Places to Monitor Your Online Reputation in 2020

Posted @ Jan 15 2020 by

Is Online Reputation Management part of your New Year’s resolution? In 2020, it’s more important than ever to put...

How Google May Map Image Queries

Posted @ Jan 14 2020 by

Mapping Image Queries at Google Many people have phones with cameras in them and searching with photos seems like...

5 Basic SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Posted @ Jan 13 2020 by

There’s a common misconception among those unfamiliar with SEO that to successfully optimize your website, you simply fill in...

How a Professional Copywriter Writes Blog Posts

Posted @ Jan 09 2020 by

The Go Fish Digital copywriting team works hard to create a variety of high-quality, SEO-friendly deliverables for our clients....

Rich Results Patent from Google Moves on from Only Books

Posted @ Jan 03 2020 by

Where did Rich Results come from at Google? Google introduced us to the concept of rich snippets with a...

Entity Clustering in Google Search Results

Posted @ Dec 30 2019 by

A patent granted to Google at the start of this month is about making search results more diverse, by...

Graphic Design Basics You Should Know

Posted @ Dec 19 2019 by

When thinking about design, what it looks like is much less important than how it functions for the user....

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