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Google Ranking Search Results

How Google Responds to Queries when Ranking Search Results A patent from Google which was filed in 2019, and granted in 2021 goes over aspects of Google ranking search results (SERPs). This patent is assigned to Google,...

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How To Improve Your Homepage’s Conversion Rate

Posted @ Apr 08 2021 by

The homepage is often the most visited page on a website, which makes it highly important for both new...

Google Describes a Machine Learning Model For a Searchable Index

Posted @ Mar 31 2021 by

Information Retrieval Ranking versus Machine Learning Ranking Search has historically ranked search results in response to query terms searchers...

What is Semantic SEO?

Posted @ Mar 18 2021 by

What are the differences between SEO and Semantic SEO? SEO has always been marketing in the framework of the...

Google Speech Search Using Language Models

Posted @ Mar 04 2021 by

Way back in 2007, I wrote a post called Google Learning Speech Recognition for Voice Search from MTV? My...

The Best Social Media Platform For Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Posted @ Mar 02 2021 by

With new social media platforms growing in popularity and new creator tools emerging every day, there has never been...

SEO Turns to Data Graphs to Learn About the Web

Posted @ Feb 22 2021 by

The Web as a Data Graph is a New Direction for SEO Many of the articles that people writing...

Identifying and Addressing Drops in Organic Visibility

Posted @ Feb 15 2021 by

Working in digital marketing and, in particular, SEO comes with its own unique set of challenges. Client relationships, shifts...

User-Generated Content and Machine Learning at Google

Posted @ Feb 09 2021 by

Is Google the New Home for Machine Learning on the Web? I recently wrote about a patent from Google...

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