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You’ve Crawled Your Site…Now what?

Whether you are optimizing your own website or working on a client’s, it’s imperative that web owners attempt to simulate search engine bot activity, specifically in regards to site crawling. You, being a proactive digital marketer, have...

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How Controversial Bachelor Contestants Could Improve Their Reputations

Posted @ Jul 15 2019 by

The Bachelor is a cultural phenomenon that demonstrates how one person, after weeks of dating multiple people, dramatic scenarios,...

A Crowdsourcing Evaluation of Clustered Search Results

Posted @ Jul 09 2019 by

A Google Patent focusing upon ranking software applications using clustering and a crowdsourcing evaluation approach to choose the best-clustered...

What Game of Thrones Taught Us About Marketing

Posted @ Jul 08 2019 by

A couple of months ago, the final episode of a little show called Game of Thrones aired on HBO....

Do Searchers Find Value in User-Generated Content Search Results?

Posted @ Jun 27 2019 by

Is there potential value in answering questions at a site like Quora? Will your answers be found and appreciated...

The Art of the “No” 101: Dealing With Rejection From Editors, Publishers, and More

Posted @ Jun 24 2019 by

How persistence is necessary for getting your content out there If you’re like the rest of us (and let’s...

3 Principles of Influencer Marketing Every Organization Should Follow

Posted @ Jun 20 2019 by

At Go Fish Digital, our team is made up of professionals whose interest in digital marketing goes beyond the...

Question Answering Explaining Estimates of Missing Facts

Posted @ Jun 18 2019 by

Will Google Start Explaining Estimates in Search Results? We’ve been seeing an increase in the number of answers that...

5 Lessons from Working in News That Make Me a Better Marketer

Posted @ Jun 10 2019 by

If you’re looking to change your career path and transition from one industry to another, it might seem a...

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