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How Digital Marketing Project Managers Can Better Serve Their Clients

As someone who has been in a client-facing role for over half a decade, I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients in many different industries and geographic locations. If I could summarize...

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Personalized Ranking of Search Results at Google

Posted @ Dec 01 2020 by

How are Personalized Ranking of Search Results Calculated at Google? I wrote about an earlier version of this patent...

4 Reasons Why Your Link Building Campaign Isn’t Building Backlinks

Posted @ Nov 20 2020 by

Creative campaigns with a link building component are an investment, both in time and money.  So, imagine this scenario… ...

Google Knowledge Panel Interface Patent

Posted @ Nov 17 2020 by

Managing Knowledge Panels at Google A patent from Google shows a planned approach for people from a business to...

5 Benefits of Having a Copywriter

Posted @ Nov 16 2020 by

If you’ve never worked with a professional copywriter, the role does just that: writes copy. A copywriter specializes in...

Google Understands An Author Style Well Enough to Imitate It

Posted @ Nov 04 2020 by

Earlier this year, I wrote a post called Author Vectors: Google Knows Who Wrote Which Articles which was about...

Search Term Report Changes: 3 Ways To Supplement Lost Search Term Data

Posted @ Oct 27 2020 by

In September 2020, Google Ads announced that only search terms that “a significant number of users searched for” would...

Selecting Candidate Answer Passages

Posted @ Oct 22 2020 by

Ranking Passages at Google The Google I/O Developer’s conference was called off this year and a SearchOn2020 presentation from...

Content Creation With an SEO Optimized Outline

Posted @ Oct 19 2020 by

It is well known that content plays a big role when it comes to growing a website through search...

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