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5 Steps to Take When Your Pitch Isn’t So Perfect

If you’re in digital PR, you’ve probably had your fair share of rejections, empty promises, and the dreaded silent treatment from the journalists on your outreach list after pitching a piece of content you were really excited...

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Digital Marketing in the Era of Coronavirus

Posted @ Mar 24 2020 by

As COVID-19 spreads across the U.S., its impact on the daily lives of citizens and companies alike has been...

What are Good Answers for Queries that Ask Questions?

Posted @ Mar 23 2020 by

Elements of Answer-Seeking Queries and Elements of Answers Google was recently granted a patent focusing on answer-seeking queries and...

Keeping Up Your Reputation in Times of Crisis

Posted @ Mar 20 2020 by

The Coronavirus and COVID-19, have been dominating the headlines, causing widespread panic all over the world. To help ease...

A Guide To Shopify Speed Optimization

Posted @ Mar 17 2020 by

One of the key considerations for Shopify store owners is site performance. Your website performance directly impacts your website’s...

How Google May Choose Answers to How-to Queries

Posted @ Mar 11 2020 by

How Google May Respond to How-To Queries Google has published a patent on how they might handle how-to queries...

Using the Amelia Booking Plugin for Services and Appointments

Posted @ Mar 09 2020 by

Most site owners are familiar with the name brand plugins primarily used for eCommerce transactions. WordPress plugins such as...

Why Tangential Content is The Secret to Great Link Building

Posted @ Mar 05 2020 by

One of the most common questions the Go Fish Digital link-building team receives is “How does content that isn’t...

How an Automated Assistant May Respond to Queries from Children

Posted @ Mar 02 2020 by

We’ve been seeing a few patents from Google about how their automated assistant works. Recent Posts I’ve written about...

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