Large Gains in Traffic & Leads for SMS Marketing Software

B2B Software Client Sees 500% YoY Increase in Organic Leads

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SimpleTexting provides software to help businesses create and manage their own SMS and text message marketing campaigns. While the SimpleTexting software is superior and easier to use than many competitors’ solutions, SimpleTexting historically struggled to grab a significant portion of the market share through organic search results.

SimpleTexting enlisted us to help create a marketing campaign to increase brand exposure, optimize its website for search, and drive more organic traffic. Our long-term efforts to accomplish these goals have resulted in massive year-over-year gains across several metric areas, especially traffic and leads.

Launch Project

How we did it


Our three-fold strategy to achieve SimpleTexting’s objectives included the following:

  1. Implementing ongoing technical SEO strategies throughout the campaign.
  2. Acquiring high-quality backlinks to validate consumer trust and improve search rankings in a competitive online space.
  3. Redesigning the website homepage for improved user experience and higher conversion rates.


Technical SEO

We provided ongoing technical SEO services throughout the engagement period. A sample of SEO areas we focused on include:

  1. Identifying content gaps and creating new content for targeted search queries with measurable search traffic.
  2. Updating existing content to improve pages and capture greater search visibility.
  3. Implementing new SEO initiatives such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
  4. Identifying and recommending specific schema markup updates for the website to help search engines better understand page content.
  5. Link Building Campaigns

To complement our on-site SEO implementations, we created and launched several content campaigns to attract high-quality backlinks to the SimpleTexting website. A sample of the campaigns we created include:

  1. Surveying Americans on Dating App Experiences
  2. A Deep Dive into the Shark Tank
  3. Remote Work by the Numbers  

In brainstorming these campaigns, our content team employed a variety of strategic content approaches inspired by relevant and engaging topic areas. We gathered reliable information to share by researching insights from national surveys and the client’s available data. Our team also utilized search query analysis tools such as Google Trends.

Website UX

We knew that if we could understand SimpleTexting’s target market, we could help update its site’s call-to-action items to better represent its brand and service offerings. With this in mind, we implemented a number of tactics to improve user experience on the site. This involved drafting designs with CRO best practices to build credibility, conducting user testing experiments to verify new designs, refining our designs based on user testing feedback, and A/B testing on designs to improve the conversion funnel.


Our SEO strategies proved to have a direct impact on key drivers with significant growth in traffic and leads both year-over-year and overall.

The creative strategy we implemented resulted in a number of content pieces that were interesting and worthy of press coverage. This helped significantly improve’s domain authority. Notable outlets that picked up our content and linked back to the site include:

  1. Inverse
  2. BizJournals
  3. Bustle
  4. The Knot
  5. NY Post

Our efforts to improve user experience resulted in a new site design that looked professional, which in turn established trust in SimpleTexting and made information more accessible to site visitors:

Original Home Page Design

New Home Page Design

Data Points

Client Testimonial

“Over the past two years the Go Fish Digital team has proven again and again that we are working with some of the best technical SEO and creative people in the industry. And of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating – and our SEO rankings are certainly proof. Give them a try, you’ll regret it if you don’t. We went through four agencies before we found GFD”

– Gene Sigalov, Owner–SimpleTexting