GetResponse Business Jargon Survey Case Study

The Goal

GetResponse, an online marketing software company, engaged Go Fish Digital’s link building services to achieve the following goals:

  • Build quality backlinks
  • Obtain organic coverage
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Attract new audiences

To accomplish these objectives, we identified an opportunity to build backlinks using creative content. Creative Content became a fundamental component of their overall digital marketing strategy.

Our team developed a series of link building concepts dedicated to achieving these goals. One of these was a survey about the jargon of the business world.

The Strategy

The business world is notorious for using a wide array of jargon that spans the spectrum of annoying to downright weird. This survey was designed to acknowledge and poke fun at the well-known phrases used by business professionals/

Our team analyzed both user-generated answers to identify lesser-known but still common phrases and multiple-choice questions to discuss specific jargon that populates conference calls and emails daily to create a comprehensive survey.

The purpose of this was to engage a broad audience using a ubiquitous pain point, as well as an infraction that nearly every business professional is guilty of by making fun of those weird but often used phrases. By combining both user-generated answers and more static expressions, we were able to analyze a larger dataset and hyperfocus on specific jargon that the marketing industry is especially likely to use. This was how we tied the study back to the client. All industries have jargon, and the marketing industry has its own set of commonly used phrases.

We focused on business and tech publications for outreach. The primary strategy was to promote this content to the business world where the audience understands and uses these phrases and would be amused by the analysis.

After developing our insights, we pitched the information to 100 journalists with the goal of getting them to write about it in their publications and include a link back to GetResponse’s site.

The Results

pieces of coverage
referred sessions

Coverage Outlets

The campaign was covered in a wide variety of tech and business publications that spanned the U.S. The study drove a tremendous amount of traffic and performed very well within the business publication beat.

This campaign represents the successful use of a specific point of the business world that engages a broad, pre-existing target audience. By discussing a part of the business that professionals see every day, we provided an interesting headline that caught their attention.

In addition, the content is evergreen and will always work in the business world.

Our link building campaigns were fundamental to the overall success of GetResponse’s backlink profile. Through this campaign, GetResponse gained 13 backlinks from business publications all over the nation that boosted its brand awareness throughout the country and brought in a new audience of over 8,000 sessions from those users. The increased backlinks to the site was a valuable contribution to GetResponse’s overall SEO efforts and led to significant improvements in their search rankings and traffic numbers.

The combination of link building and full-scale SEO optimizations has helped improve the overall Moz Domain Authority for in 2020, from 81 in January to 82 in August. The slight incremental increase is worth noting, as the difficulty in improving DA scores grows exponentially when starting from such a high baseline. Additionally, the homepage’s Page Authority score improved slightly from 66 in January 2020 to 67 in August 2020.

Additionally, year-over-year organic traffic in 2020 (thus far) is up over 60%. Link building, executed in conjunction with contextual and architectural SEO optimizations, has contributed to solidification in organic search rankings. Highlights include holding a 1st or 2nd-page ranking for 21 organic keywords with a monthly-search-volume of 1,000 or higher.

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