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What Is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is the marketing practice of optimizing individual web pages to improve visibility and earn organic traffic from search engines. On-Page SEO centers on the elements directly within your website that you can control. This includes content quality, keyword targeting, content hierarchy, URL structure, and much more. The objective is to make each page on your site the best possible answer to the user query.

On-page SEO demands a deep understanding of how search engines interpret and rank content, as well as an ability to adapt strategies to ever-changing algorithms. On-page SEO is about delivering high-quality content that serves the needs of your audience and satisfies the user query. It is an essential component in any holistic SEO strategy, working in tandem with other strategies such as link building and technical SEO to enhance your site’s visibility and drive targeted traffic.

Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords is a critical component of any effective on-page SEO strategy. Utilizing industry-leading tools like Ahrefs and Google Search Console, we dive into each page’s data. These tools give us valuable insights into metrics such as search volume, difficulty, and current ranking positions, helping us to identify the most critical keywords for each page we optimize.

The Go Fish Digital team goes beyond the data to understand user intent, search trends, and emerging industry terms. Whether it’s long-tail keywords, localized phrases, or high-competition terms with significant search volumes, we determine the keywords that align with each page’s overall topic. This data-driven approach ensures that the queries we target are not only highly relevant but also capable of driving quality traffic that converts.

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Metadata Optimizations

Metadata plays a crucial role in how search engines understand and weight your web pages. It also impacts how your content is displayed in search results, influencing elements such as click-through rates and user engagement. At Go Fish Digital, we prioritize metadata optimization as part of our On-page SEO services. This involves crafting compelling title tags and meta descriptions that not only include your target keywords but also resonate with your core audience.

Using the insights gathered from our keyword research, we carefully formulate metadata that aligns with the search intent of your potential customers. This means creating titles and descriptions that are both informative and enticing. Our team ensures that every aspect of your on-page content is fully optimized for search engine visibility and user engagement.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages of core services or products are some of the most important content on your site. The team at Go Fish Digital prioritizes these pages that are critical for organic conversions. We work to ensure that each landing page on your site is well optimized for search engines. This means ensuring that your pages target the best queries, match user intent and have the content they need to perform well. Our goal is to ensure that your landing pages provide the best experience to users. This holistic approach helps your converting pages perform better when it comes to SEO.


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Content Refreshes

Our content refreshes are designed to improve your existing web pages, ensuring they remain both SEO-friendly and relevant to your target audience. Content refreshes can be a great way to improve on-page SEO as it doesn’t require the creation of entirely new assets. We first identify the content that is underperforming, has become outdated or has lost visibility over time. These pages are often great targets to refresh as they can bring faster results.

Our team then refreshes these pages, updating content, improving optimization and refreshing timestamps to make them more current. By periodically updating and refining your content, we help maintain its quality and relevance, thereby supporting your overall SEO strategy and user experience.

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