TurboHaul Sees A 238% Lift In Booking Requests

A fixed migration results in a 159% increase in first page keyword rankings

The Goal

TurboHaul is a bulk trash removal company serving NC, MD, VA, and DC. TurboHaul focuses on attracting commercial and residential clients who need bulk trash hauled away from their properties. In search results, TurboHaul competes with both local and national junk haulers. 

The client sought support from Go Fish Digital after a drop in organic visibility following a website rebuild. Their goal was to identify any architectural issues and determine how to recover rankings for highly localized, competitive keywords.

The Strategy


Our strategy took an investigative and content-driven approach that concentrated on identifying lingering issues from a past site migration while improving the site as a whole from contextual and architectural perspectives.

  • Audit the previous website migration to identify technical improvements that could be made
  • Rank for revenue-generating keywords in TurboHaul’s 20 priority localities across four states. 
  • Begin competing with dominant national competitors in the search results for revenue-generating keywords. 
  • Continually improve month-over-month organic traffic to the site, specifically for local service pages.


Technical SEO

First, we investigated the site’s architectural health following their site rebuild.

While reviewing historical keyword rankings, we uncovered URLs that appeared to be location-focused but were all returning 404 response codes. Using our internal Wayback Machine process, we were able to navigate through an archived version of their site and found local pages for their 20 priority locations.

We compiled the legacy URLs and began an initiative to create new and improved location pages for the site. We then implemented 301 redirects from legacy pages to recover lost page equity from legacy URLs.

Contextual SEO

To efficiently restore local pages and rankings, we developed a local page template with content sections that provided users with the information they’d need during their buying process. We prioritized publishing the 20 local pages we found legacy URLs for and then began keyword research to group the remaining ~80 cities TurboHaul serves into priority tiers based.

These local pages would target TurboHaul’s revenue-generating keywords: “junk removal” and “bulk trash pickup,” as well as location-specific terms we’d identified for individual locations. These new local pages allowed us to internally link to other geographically-related pages, as well as TurboHaul’s service pages, enabling link equity to flow through the site and send contextual signals of how these local and service pages related to one another.

We began page development, added images of TurboHaul serving customers in specific locations, and helped implement copy referencing landmarks and location-specific language to differentiate the local pages from one another and to send contextual signals to Google regarding the area of service.

The Results

Increase In Booking Requests
Lift In Organic Sessions
Increase in First Page Visibility

Fixing these technical SEO issues helped the site see significant improvements in the number of bookings they received. In a years time, the site saw: 

  • 238% increase in “Book Now” form conversions
  • 80% improvement in organic sessions
  • 159% increase in first page keyword rankings

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