Online Reputation Management FAQs

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What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation management involves how an individual’s or Company’s reputation is addressed on the Web, and how it is displayed in search results. With search engines showing autocomplete search results as dropdown answers, they sometimes suggest search results that may negatively display the reputation of a person or a business. Reputation management may also involve social media, and websites that present reviews.

What are Google Site Links?

When you search for a business on Google, sometimes the search results you receive include the home page of the site, and then a number of links to other pages on that site. Google includes sitelinks like this to make it easier for visitors to navigate through your site. They have an automated process that analyzes the link structure of your site in an attempt to save visitors time and make it easier for them to find information on your site that they might be looking for.

What are Google Knowledge Panels?

Knowledge Panels at Google are displays of information about Entities (specific people, places, and things) Alongside of Google’s organic search results. These knowledge Panels aim at providing information about those people, places and things, quickly and intend to provide answers to searchers for searches that match “entities” or concepts that the words describe.

What are Google Direct Answers?

Google is trying to save searchers time, and help them avoid having to look through a number of sites to find answers to questions they might have. In doing so, Google tries to provide direct answers to searchers’ questions right within a set of search results. These answers are often taken from other sites, but provide a link back to those sites, which can increase how prominent those sites appear in search results. to give a site prominent visibility.

What is a Google One Box?

Google has been showing special search results in response to queries that trigger a One Box. These can show up highlighting images, videos, news results, shopping, and other results that are blended into regular listings using Universal Search.

What is Wikipedia Management?

Improving how you, your site and your business might be represented in the Wikipedia Knowledge Base, while carefully and responsibly following Wikipedia’s rules and policies. Google may use information taken from Wikipedia to inform its knowledge graph, and what it might display about a person or a business within its search results.

What is is a website that is a joint effort started by Bing, Google, and Yahoo. It offers site owners metadata that can be used to markup website content using schemas for different topics of structured data on web pages. Search Engine spidering programs and other parsers can read this markup and use it when displaying search results from pages that use it, and can offer rich snippets in response to queries that may call forth pages using markup.
This markup can include information about events, ratings, rankings, business organization information, contact information, social media profiles, and location information.

What is Google Autocomplete?

When you type a query into the Google search box, Google shows suggestions of queries that are predictions of what you may be typing. These usually start with the same letters that you’ve already typed. For example, if you start typing San Diego, you might see other popular San Diego-related searches.