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JR has been working the world of SEO and web design for 5 years now. As a political science major, he decided the most relevant use of that political science knowledge was in the completely unrelated world of Digital Marketing, and he's been working with Go Fish Digital ever since. He has overseen technical SEO for businesses of all sizes, is Google Analytics certified, and also can code in HTML, Java, and C++. He has written for Moz, Search Engine Land, and RankWatch, and most recently appeared on an episode of MozPod to discuss HTTPS migrations. Doubling as a soccer referee, he spends most weekends on soccer fields around northern Virginia or loudly cheering on the New England Patriots.

Migrating your site to HTTPS is important for site security and SEO

The 3 Most Important Steps in a Website HTTPS Migration

Posted @ Apr 12 2017 by JR Ridley

If you’ve done any website work over the last 5 years, it’s almost guaranteed you’ve heard of HTTPS. HTTPS is the new promising Internet protocol, making the web more secure for all users. It’s also one of the fastest growing Internet trends, as the number of HTTPS sites doubled in 2016. We’ve worked with several […]

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SEO How-To for AngularJS Websites and Apps

Posted @ Jul 05 2016 by JR Ridley

As anyone who has spent any time in the world of SEO knows, SEO and web design go together like cats and bathtubs. Web Designers like to experiment with new graphics, new features, and new capabilities, many of which are not consistent with the guidelines Google puts in place for websites to rank. In turn, […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Local SEO

Posted @ Mar 22 2016 by JR Ridley

It’s the question business owners have been asking throughout history: how do I get more customers to come to my business? In ancient times, signs in the marketplace and loud merchants might have been the best way to get attention. More recently, in the 1900s, getting a large, catchy ad in the phone book was […]

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