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Instagram Updates Bring Both Fear and Excitement to the Influencer Industry

Posted @ May 20 2019 by Jessie Butner

Instagram has come a long way since launching in October 2010. A tool that used to be for amateur photographers turned into a stepping stone for countless creators to become “insta-famous” and make a living as an influencer. Every once in a while, the beloved social platform announces major changes. Some of those changes catch […]

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How to Measure the Success of Your Influencer Campaigns

Posted @ Apr 24 2019 by Jessie Butner

At Go Fish Digital, we like to break our influencer campaigns down into four phases: Preparation (this includes the identification of influencers, competitor research, and setting a budget) Campaign Management (agreement forms, campaign briefs, approval processes, and monitoring content) Reporting (both as an on-going basis and as a wrap at the end of a campaign) […]

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How To Avoid Influencer Marketing Failure with the Perfect Campaign Brief

Posted @ Oct 11 2018 by Jessie Butner

You’ve finally done it: you’ve convinced your boss that influencer marketing is an important part of your company’s marketing strategy for 2019. Implementing a process to work with influencers is an important aspect of staying relevant in today’s social-focused society. After all, 67% of marketers increased their budget for Influencer Marketing in 2018. So, congratulations […]

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Is Your Brainstorm Bombing? These 5 Tools will Help

Posted @ Aug 04 2017 by Jessie Butner

When you work in a creative content role, chances are a large portion of your work week will consist of brainstorming sessions. And, if you fit into the typical personality traits of a content creator, these brainstorms are likely one of the most fun parts of your day. Some crazy ideas come out when you’re […]

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Egobait: 4 Types for Successful Content and Powerful Connections

Posted @ Mar 14 2017 by Jessie Butner

It’s a simple matter of human nature: people enjoy receiving compliments. Individuals want to hear that they are superstars in their industry, companies want to be told that their product is a success, and locals want to know that their city is the best place in the country. It is this innate desire for approval […]

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