Expanding Our Knowledge Outside of the Office: Go Fish Digital Book Recommendations

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Inspiration can come from the strangest of places. I’ve had creative breakthroughs while at the gym, walking down the street, or while sitting on my sofa watching Netflix. Oh, and you can’t forget the thoughts that come to us while in the shower

I’m incredibly thankful I work for a company that encourages continued learning. Yes, we have the standard practices of earning certifications, sharing knowledge, and attending conferences and events. But it goes beyond that. Go Fish Digital offers a unique perk that I, as an avid reader, found to be really exciting when I first joined the team a few years back. Each quarter, we’re given a free e-book of our choice (marketing related or not). It’s the simple things in life, amirite? 

When we realized it was almost National Read a Book Day, the Go Fish team wanted to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than to share our book recommendations? I spoke to several of my colleagues and asked them to share some of their all-time favorites. I’ve already personally added several of these books to my reading list and I’m hoping that you’ll find some to add to yours as well. 

reading A Tale for the Time Being

Erica Prush – Content Production Team 

Book: A Tale for the Time Being – Ruth Ozeki 

“This is one of those books that’s hard to talk about because there’s really nothing quite like it. A Tale for the Time Being is a story that crosses generations, cultures, and even dimensions.”

This a book for you “if you’re looking for a fulfilling story that will push you out of your comfort zone, cause you to question many things you take for granted, and present you with characters you’re unlikely to forget.”

reading Girl on a Train

LaRhonda Sparrow – Copywriting Team 

Book: The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins 

“For National Read a Book Day, I knew I had to recommend The Girl on the Train. It’s dramatic, mysterious, and, above all else, surprising. It’s not often that a novel surprises me, and this one definitely did. I almost put it down because, at first, it seemed like a book about a sad woman who lost everything she valued in her life. And while that’s an unfortunate reality for some people, that doesn’t scream best-seller to me. 

But, as soon as I read the last sentence of a random chapter, the plot immediately revealed itself to be so much more than what I previously thought it was. I honestly stayed up all night finishing the book because I had to know how everything resolved.”

reading Shogun

Jordan Eller – Project Management Team 

Book: Shogun – James Clavell 

“I love this book because of how immersive it is. I first read it in high school and was blown away by the historical depictions of 17th century Japan and the clash of Western and Eastern culture.”

Jordan has read Shogun five or six times and his biggest takeaway is “to never become ambivalent about life. Empathy and perspective are everything, and neither should be taken for granted. Remember that the ground beneath your feet can always shift and that it should always be questioned.”

reading Lethal White

Devon Cameron – Content Production Team 

Book: Lethal White – Robert Galbraith 

“I’ve always loved mystery novels and the Cormoran Strike series has become my favorite because the stories are complex and the characters are people everyone can identify with. I’ve read this book, the fourth in the series, all the way through at least 5 times and finished it within 2 days of buying it. Yes, it is over 600 pages and no, I didn’t sleep much those days.

This series is also home to one of my favorite characters in the literary world – Robin Ellacott. She’s such a rich character because we see her coping with past trauma and struggling with her evolving identity throughout the series. My favorite thing about how she is written is that she is fierce and strong and soft all at once, but at no point is she reduced to a hysterical woman. She is always presented as complicated, passionate, and above all, human.”

reading Find Momo

Emily Stash – Design Team 

Book: Humans of New York – Brandon Stanton

“I have drifted away from leisurely fiction as I’ve gotten busier in life, but I always enjoy purchasing well-crafted, creative, and beautiful books from my favorite artists! It’s a small way to support the people that I get so much influence and energy from. And I just love having them in my home for me and others to look through. I have books from photographers, illustrators, poets, and even van-dwellers. If anything, these books and the authors/artists behind them have reaffirmed for me that inspiration for anything can come from anywhere.”

reading You Remind Me of You

Rebecca Agocs – Content Promotion Team 

Book: You Remind Me of You – Eireann Corrigan 

“The poetry and prose of [Corrigan’s] voice are almost intimate enough to make you blush. She makes a subject that’s often hidden from pop culture and literature tangible. It’s an easy read but it’s not light subject matter.” 

Rebecca shares that You Remind Me of You taught her that “there’s strength in vulnerability and your story deserves to be told however you’d like to tell it. It’s your story, after all.” 

reading Paper Girls

Brittnee Bade – Design Team 

Book: Paper Girls – Brian K. Vaughan (Author) & Cliff Chiang (Illustrator) 

“This book really sticks with me because it helped me realize that I want to write and illustrate my own graphic novel. I hesitated with my own story idea for a long time and this book taught me to have fun and just enjoy it, no matter how weird or crazy it may seem.”

“Mackenzie (or Mac) [is my favorite character]. She’s just really feisty and tough even though life is constantly knocking her down.” 

reading Conversations with Friends

Becky Barker – Content Production Team 

Book: Conversations with Friends – Sally Rooney

Becky learned a life lesson from her favorite book: “It’s an old but powerful one – be sincere with the people you care about.”

She also identified with one of its characters: “Frances, the main character, particularly spoke to me. While I’m around the same age as her character, we lead entirely different lives, yet many of her thought patterns hit home for me in ways I never imagined they would. It’s always fun to find pieces of yourself in characters who seem so wildly different.” 

Celebrating National Read a Book Day

What have you been reading lately? Share your favorites in the comments below and have a happy National Read a Book Day! 

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