3 Principles of Influencer Marketing Every Organization Should Follow

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At Go Fish Digital, our team is made up of professionals whose interest in digital marketing goes beyond the nine to five and into the realm of personal passions. For this reason, our employees often have a unique approach to marketing strategies and even build out principles for success in their field.

Earlier this year, our Senior Manager of Influencer Marketing, Jessie Butner, spoke about her A to Z approach to influencer campaigns at Triangle Marketing Club. After her presentation, the team at Marshall Video interviewed Jessie to find out more about her personal approach to influencer marketing. Below, you can find a video clip of Jessie’s three principles of influencer marketing.

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3 Principles of Influencer Marketing

The first principle that I like to follow with influencer marketing is to make sure that authenticity is the backbone of your campaign. A lot of times, a brand will sign up to work with an influencer and they’ll say, “We have this entire script that we’re expecting you to then share with your followers.” That is a big red flag for the audience. They know their personality, their little quirks, if they’re funny, and if it’s a really dry piece of content they’re going to be like, “What is this?” And they won’t trust it and then they won’t follow through and make those buying decisions. You have to have authenticity, and you have to allow creative freedom when working with an influencer.

My second principle is to go in with realistic expectations. A lot of times, people think, “Well, I’m going to start influencer marketing, and I’m automatically going to make all of these really big sales and have all these social followers coming after me.” And those are results that you can get, but you have to have your website and your social channels ready before you launch influencer marketing. If an influencer is tagging you on social media, and their followers are interested enough to go look at your social profiles and it’s just a terrible social profile, they’re going to immediately leave and nothing is going to come of it. So, have those tools set up before you start with influencer marketing.

My third principle would be to think outside of the box in influencer marketing. You don’t have to just assume that because you’re a fashion brand, you only want to go for fashion influencers. I work with a photo printing company where you can print your photos on a blanket. We’ve worked with food bloggers, and they created cutting boards and towels that they put printed photos on, and then they shared that with their audience alongside the recipe, and it was a really successful campaign. So, just thinking creatively and outside of the box is another important aspect of influencer marketing.

What do you think about Jessie’s principles of influencer marketing? Let us know in the comments below!

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