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Driving Search Traffic Through Intelligent Paid Marketing

Proper setup and management of search engine marketing campaigns can be difficult due to the constant changes in seasonality, competition, and the bidding system. A Go Fish Digital PCC specialist will break it down into a structured, detailed process that maximizes ROI for your business.

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PPC Management

An effective PPC campaign is comprised of more than a simple text-based ad and a small selection of keywords. Our data-driven SEM services execute on the strategies and tactics needed to maximize success for your paid advertising efforts.


Running a profitable PPC campaign requires a significant amount of time and experience. Taking a “set and forget” approach can be costly and ineffective. Because you are paying for each click, it’s imperative to drive high quality traffic.


Our team of PPC specialists conducts regular, ongoing performance tuning of each campaign aspect, from bids and ad copy to keywords and geography targeting, in order to optimize cost per conversion.  By understanding your goals and how you want consumers to engage with your website, we are able to leverage search engine marketing to achieve results.



Campaign Management

There are a number of different ways to advertise online. Design campaigns that will best reach your target customers.

Keyword Research

Identify popular words and phrases used by searchers to find your product and service offerings. 

Audience Selection

Advertise to your target audience through specific search phrases, geographic locations, and online publications.

Ad Development

Create Ad Copy that attracts user engagement. Utilize display ads created by award winning designers.

Landing Page Optimization

Don’t just attract, convert. Optimized landing pages are the key to successful digital advertising campaigns.


Key Performance Indicators are identified and tracked to ensure continual Return on Investment.



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