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What Is Paid Search Advertising?

Pay-per-click is a marketing model in which you pay each time someone clicks on one of your online ads. There are multiple types of PPC, with the most common being Google paid search ads. With paid search ads, your ad appears on a search engine results page when a user searches a related query. Why do so many businesses incorporate paid search into their marketing strategy? Here are a few reasons.

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Cost Effectiveness

It’s a common misconception that Google Ads is an expensive marketing method. If appropriately managed, paid search advertising is cost-effective, and the return on investment can be substantial. Those who venture into paid search can spend as much or as little as they would like on ads.

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Fast Results

Getting started with Google Ads is easy and guaranteed to bring traffic to your website almost immediately. Search engine marketing (SEM) also works well in collaboration with longer-term marketing strategies, such as SEO and email marketing.

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Trackable Targeting

Google Ads is highly trackable so that you can quantify your ROI. Targeting your paid search efforts can be highly granular and allows you to reach only the most qualified leads and spend your money wisely.

Our SEM Services

Go Fish Digital’s paid search services are data-driven and backed by experts with years of experience working with clients in many industries. Our process includes thorough attention to the following steps.

Exploratory Research

We do a competitive analysis to understand your competitors’ performance and how your business currently compares.

Goal Setting

Our team collaborates with you to set measurable goals we can reference to evaluate our success.

Campaign Design

Our team of SEM experts builds a custom strategy to meet your unique goals, whether it’s designing and launching new campaigns from the ground up or optimizing existing campaigns based on historical data.

Ad Copy Development

Our team of wordsmiths creates custom ad copy based on competitor research and your brand’s voice and tone. We perform A/B testing and utilize multiple ad types to achieve the highest possible click-through rate.

Landing Page Optimization

By optimizing the pages your ads drive to, we improve conversion rates and encourage users through the sales funnel.

Weekly Tuning

We keep our ears to the ground by checking in weekly to make strategic tweaks and adjustments.


Lastly, we report on ad performance every month to provide transparency and pivot as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most clients run ads on Google Ads, leveraging search, display, and video ad formats. Microsoft Ads is also a common search engine for paid search advertising.

Retargeting is a marketing tactic that promotes ads to specific users based on their previous internet behavior. For example, if a user has recently visited a website to browse for shoes, a retargeting campaign will allow that retailer to show them ads for shoes even after they have left the site.

Factors like age, education, gender, interests, and more can be targeted. Ultimately, we work with our clients to determine which factors are most relevant for them.

Picking a Paid Search Service Partner

Why do so many businesses trust Go Fish Digital with their paid search advertising? It’s probably the years of experience, our team of industry thought leaders, and that we’ve worked with both big and small companies across a range of industries.
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