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Benefits of Link Building – What Is It & Why Do It

Posted @ Jun 08 2021 by Tina Irizarry

Have you been looking into content marketing as a marketing strategy for your business? Have you come across link building as an option for that content marketing strategy? If so, you have found yourself in the right place. This post will walk you through what link building is and what it can do for your […]

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Why it's Important to Build a Team with Diverse Career Backgrounds

Why it’s Important to Build a Team with Diverse Career Backgrounds

Posted @ Jun 03 2020 by Tina Irizarry

Digital marketing is an interesting industry, specifically the link-building aspect of it. I try to explain my job to people outside of the industry and they graciously nod and pretend to understand. Before I joined the Go Fish Digital team, I had never done link-building or even heard of it. I just knew the company […]

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How to Build a Thorough Media Outreach List

Posted @ Dec 09 2019 by Tina Irizarry

When promoting a content campaign for a client, it is always important to have an extensive and thoroughly-researched outreach list of journalists and outlets. Putting in more time at the beginning of your outreach will pay off in a major way when you have a long list of backlinks to show as campaign success.  At […]

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5 Lessons from Working in News That Make Me a Better Marketer

Posted @ Jun 10 2019 by Tina Irizarry

If you’re looking to change your career path and transition from one industry to another, it might seem a bit scary. However, when you are able to carry over skills and lessons learned from one industry to another, it can make the process easier. I recently went from working in a busy newsroom in a […]

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