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How to Build a Thorough Media Outreach List

Posted @ Dec 09 2019 by Tina Irizarry

When promoting a content campaign for a client, it is always important to have an extensive and thoroughly-researched outreach list of journalists and outlets. Putting in more time at the beginning of your outreach will pay off in a major way when you have a long list of backlinks to show as campaign success.  At […]

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5 Lessons from Working in News That Make Me a Better Marketer

Posted @ Jun 10 2019 by Tina Irizarry

If you’re looking to change your career path and transition from one industry to another, it might seem a bit scary. However, when you are able to carry over skills and lessons learned from one industry to another, it can make the process easier. I recently went from working in a busy newsroom in a […]

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