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What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a specialized subset of SEO focused on enhancing a business’s visibility in geographically-related search queries. Local SEO aims to improve rankings in search results for local terms, such as “near me” or specific geographic locations, to attract customers from a particular area. By optimizing various on-page and off-page factors like Google Business listings, local queries, and local citations, local SEO helps businesses appear prominently in Google’s localized search results.


Local SEO Services

Google Business Optimizations

Google Business serves as a virtual business card and a digital storefront for local customers searching for services or products in your area. An optimized Google Business listing can be the difference between showing up in a local search query—or not. Having a complete, accurate, and optimized Google Business profile is akin to having a well-located and well-advertised physical storefront.

Just like your actual business, your Google Business listing isn’t something you can set and forget. It needs regular updates and maintenance to reflect any changes in your services, operation hours, or even new photos of recent products or events. Go Fish Digital’s local SEO services will help you enhance your Google Business profile.

This includes optimizations for your businesses:

  • Categories
  • Business information
  • Hours of operation
  • Services
  • Images

Local Keyword Research

Navigating the digital landscape to drive local customers to your business requires a fine-grained approach to keyword research. At Go Fish Digital, we specialize in identifying the queries that are not just relevant to your business but are specifically geared towards your local target customers.

We dive into local keyword research by analyzing geo-specific search data by leveraging tools such as Google Search Console and third party keyword tools. This helps us craft a list of localized keywords that connect with people looking for your exact business. We then form our SEO strategy around targeting these revenue driving queries to improve your businesses visibility in the search engines.

Our goal is to ensure that we’re targeting and tracking the local queries that are going to drive qualified leads and help grow your business.

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Local Content Optimization

Local content optimization is a pivotal part of our local SEO services, where we offer strategic guidance to help your business create impactful, locally-oriented content that resonates with your audience and enhances your visibility.

Through understanding your geography, consumer queries, and the search results, we provide a roadmap complete with content ideas that can strike a chord with your local audience. We look at your high priority products and services and help you create strategies to create new localized landing pages that are optimized for the geographies you want to target. We’ll review competitors to understand what types of content performs well in the search engine and how you can leverage those same content types.

Local SEO For Multiple Locations

Local SEO can be intricate enough for a single-location business, but when your operations span across multiple locations, the complexity multiplies. Each location presents its own set of opportunities and challenges in terms of visibility, audience targeting, and keyword optimization. At Go Fish Digital, we have honed our expertise to offer effective multi-location local SEO strategies, enabling each of your locations to stand out in its respective local market.

We conduct comprehensive reviews to formulate location-specific strategies, streamline your Google Business optimizations, and offer scalable keyword research across all your core markets. We also provide a framework for creating local content to improve your visibility in multiple geographies.

Performance tracking is another cornerstone of our approach, with segmented reporting that let you monitor the visibility strength of different geographies. By offering these local SEO services, we aim to optimize each of your locations for its unique local market, ensuring that your multi-location business has a comprehensive SEO strategy.



Types Of Local Businesses We Work With

Throughout our years working in digital marketing, we’ve provided support for hundreds of businesses when it comes to local SEO. Go Fish Digital has worked with a large variety of websites and advised on the localized strategies of small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises.

We provide local SEO support for:

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