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Keyword Research Services

What Are Keyword Research Services?

Keyword research services involve a comprehensive process to identify and analyze the terms and phrases people are entering into search engines when looking for products, services, or information. By understanding these key terms, businesses can craft content that aligns with user intent, enhances visibility in search results, and drives relevant traffic to their website.

At Go Fish Digital, our keyword research services go beyond the simple identification of high-volume search terms. We delve into the nuances of search behaviors, context, and the competitive landscape, using advanced tools and analytical methods to uncover opportunities that resonate with your brand and audience. Our strategic approach not only includes finding the keywords but also segmenting them according to different stages in the buyer’s journey, ensuring that the content strategy we develop is holistic and targets potential customers effectively at every touchpoint.

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Search Console Audits

Search Console audits are a critical aspect of refining an SEO strategy, focusing on leveraging the data straight from Google’s own  tools to enhance your site’s search performance. Through reviews of Google Search Console, the team at Go Fish Digital identifies the high-priority queries that your website is already ranking for, particularly those closest to the tipping point of significant traffic generation. This analysis allows us to pinpoint which keywords have the most substantial business impact and are thus the most valuable to push for improved rankings and visibility.

Our approach prioritizes these queries for several reasons: they have already demonstrated an ability to perform, they are often less resource-intensive to optimize further, and they usually yield quicker results in boosting your site’s visibility. By concentrating on these terms, we can craft a tailored SEO strategy that seeks to capitalize on existing momentum and direct our efforts where they have the highest chance of increasing your online presence.

We don’t just aim to increase traffic; we aim to attract the right traffic that will drive conversions and contribute to your business KPIs.

Competitor Keyword Research Reviews

In our competitor reviews process, we analyze the search landscape to uncover the queries and phrases where your competitors excel, but your website may be lagging. This intelligence is invaluable as it highlights areas where your content may be underperforming or simply nonexistent. Our objective is to identify these gaps as opportunities for growth, signaling potential ways for your site to expand its organic traffic through targeted content creation.

With this understanding, we devise strategies for you to outperform your core competitors. Whether it’s developing comprehensive guides, blog posts, or new category or product pages, we aim to craft superior content that not only competes but also sets a new benchmark for quality and relevance in your industry. Our goal is to ensure that these new content pieces are optimized to capture the audience your competitors are currently engaging with, thereby driving traffic to your site and positioning your brand as a leading authority.

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Google Ads Reviews

By diving into the data provided by Google Ads, we’re able to analyze keyword-specific performance metrics, such as conversions and revenue. This isn’t just about seeing which keywords are popular; it’s about understanding which ones actually contribute to your bottom line.

The insights gained from Google Ads are a goldmine for shaping an effective SEO strategy. We identify the queries that are already proven to be profitable through paid search to prioritize them for organic search efforts. This approach ensures that the SEO strategy we develop is aligned with the keywords that have the highest potential for return on investment. By focusing on these lucrative queries, we ensure that your content is not just optimized for traffic, but for the right kind of traffic — traffic that converts.

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Monthly Keyword Research Reporting

Th team at Go Fish Digital also delivers monthly updates on keyword performance, arming our clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their content and SEO strategies. By consistently monitoring the rankings, we provide a clear view of how targeted keywords are performing over time, enabling a dynamic approach to SEO that can adapt to search trends and algorithm changes.

Furthermore, we dive into keyword clustering, a process that goes beyond individual keyword tracking. By grouping keywords into relevant thematic clusters, we can shed light on broader topic areas where a website is making a significant impact and where it may be underperforming. This approach not only helps in understanding overall topic authority but also pinpoints opportunities for growth and improvement. Our reports highlight these insights, guiding clients toward a strategic SEO strategy that aligns with your core business goals.

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