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Whether you’re looking to grow enrollment, connect with alumni, or highlight events, SEO can be a great avenue for you to expand the presence of your university. The team at Go Fish Digital has deep experience in the education sector helping universities improve their organic results and hit their goals.

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What Is Higher Education SEO?

Higher Education SEO is the marketing practice of improving the online visibility of educational institutions in search engines, leading to more organic traffic and enrollment from prospective students. Higher education SEO initiatives include program page creation, on-page optimization, UX enhancement, link building and more. The goal is to drive more organic traffic to a university website, thereby increasing conversion and enrollment from organic platforms such as Google. The result is a scalable marketing initiative that helps universities decrease their marketing acquisition costs.




Program Page Optimization

Program page optimization is a key focus area for Go Fish Digital as a university’s individual program pages are critical touchpoints for prospective students exploring degree options. We optimize these pages to improve visibility for queries related to specific degrees, courses, and academic programs. By employing SEO initiatives such as keyword research, contextual analysis and on-page SEO, we enhance the content quality of these pages, improving their optimization. This not only drives targeted organic traffic but also fosters user engagement, encouraging prospective students to explore the program details, admission requirements, and potentially start the application process.

Go Fish Digital takes a comprehensive look at your degree programs and creates plan to optimize your most critical content. We’ll work to understand your university’s goals in terms of enrollment acquisition and develop an optimization strategy to help you drive enrollment for your most important program areas.


Higher Education Technical SEO

A solid technical foundation is critical in higher education. Legacy systems, older sites and compartmentalized teams can cause technical SEO debt over time for higher education institutions. Go Fish Digital is adept at executing robust technical SEO strategies tailored to the nuanced needs of the education sector. We specialize in technical SEO initiatives such as backlink reclamation from legacy sites, a critical initiative that helps universities and colleges recover and maintain the link equity that contributes to their site’s authority and rankings. Our expert team also provides comprehensive support during site migrations and redesigns, mitigating risks and ensuring a seamless transition that preserves SEO value. Additionally, we delve deep into enhancing site architecture, ensuring intuitive navigation and coherent structure, which not only improves user experience but also improves search engine crawling and indexing.

Whether it’s improving structured data, reviewing Core Web Vitals, or resolving canonicalization issues, our approach is holistic, aimed at improving the technical founcation of educational institutions, paving the way for sustained visibility and impact in the digital landscape.

SEO Content Strategy For Higher Education

Go Fish Digital provides content strategy services that are designed to guide educational institutions in crafting content that is not only insightful but also aligned with SEO best practices. Recognizing the myriad opportunities that exist within the realms of program pages, resources, blogs, and more, Go Fish Digital collaborates with universities to identify and leverage these opportunities to create content that resonates with prospective students and other stakeholders.

To ensure the integration of SEO best practices, we work closely with existing editorial teams within academic institutions. Our collaborative approach involves imparting knowledge on SEO methodologies and co-creating systems that foster the consistent production of well optimized content. This approach ensures that content is created with a dual focus—meeting the informational needs of the audience and improving search engine visibility. Whether it’s crafting engaging blog posts, enriching program pages with valuable insights, or developing resourceful content, our strategies are aimed at elevating an institution’s online presence and driving meaningful engagement with your users.


User Experience Improvements

In Go Fish Digital’s higher education SEO services, we emphasize the pivotal role of user experience in driving engagement and conversions, approaching it with a holistic methodology that addresses the multifaceted components of a website. We analyze and enhance various elements, such as navigation, program page design and information layout, and internal linking structure to create a seamless and intuitive user journey. Our focus is to provide users with easy access to pertinent information, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and enriches their understanding of the educational offerings, ultimately impacting the institution’s online presence positively. A well optimized UX can improve your site’s overall SEO while also enhancing the experience your users have from all digital channels.


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