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What Is SaaS PPC?

SaaS PPC  is a digital advertising strategy tailored specifically for SaaS companies to promote their software solutions. Utilizing platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and paid social media, SaaS businesses can place targeted ads that appear when potential users search for relevant software solutions or related keywords. SaaS PPC often involves a full-funnel strategy that looks at advertising campaigns that target different stages of the customer journey. This ranges from display ads in the awareness phase, search campaigns for consideration and retargeting for the conversion and loyalty experiences.



Full Funnel SaaS PPC Campaigns

In the complex world of SaaS where purchase decisions may require more touch-points and consideration, it’s essential to have a multi-layered strategy. Go Fish Digital helps you create a full funnel strategy to target users wherever they’re at in the customer journey. At the top of the funnel, our campaigns focus on raising awareness, targeting a broader audience to introduce them to your solution. These might include display ads or introductory video campaigns that highlight the core benefits and features of your product.

As potential customers move down the funnel, our strategies shift towards more targeted and intent-driven campaigns. Mid-funnel campaigns might highlight specific functionalities, customer testimonials, or comparative features that set your software apart. By the time a potential user reaches the bottom of the funnel, our PPC campaigns are laser-focused on conversion, utilizing retargeting tactics and highlighting compelling calls to action, free trials, or exclusive offers. This holistic approach ensures that no matter where a prospect is in their decision-making process, there’s a tailored PPC campaign ready to engage and guide them.

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SaaS Paid Search

Paid search is a cornerstone of SaaS advertising, offering the ability to position your software directly in front of potential users at the exact moment they’re searching for a solution. Platforms like Google Ads are central to this approach, as they allow for precise targeting based on specific search queries. When executed effectively, Paid Search can yield immediate visibility and drive qualified traffic to your SaaS product, allowing for a direct pathway with those actively seeking out the services you provide.

Our approach to paid search for SaaS businesses goes beyond just setting up ad campaigns on Google Ads. We deeply analyze the specific needs and behaviors of your target audience and define a SaaS PPC strategy that aligns with your USP. By crafting compelling ad copy, optimizing landing pages for conversions, and continually refining bid strategies, we ensure that every dollar spent maximizes your return on investment. Our goal is to not only increase visibility but to help with your demand generation efforts and drive MRR for your platform.

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Paid Social Strategies

Paid social advertising plays an extremely important role in the SaaS marketing ecosystem, particularly when targeting B2B audiences. Platforms like LinkedIn offer an unparalleled opportunity to drive demand generation for SaaS products. By leveraging LinkedIn’s granular targeting options, which include job titles, company sizes, industries, and more, we can tailor your SaaS advertising to reach the exact demographic that would find the most value in your solution.

The team at Go Fish Digital helps you craft compelling ad creatives and messaging that resonate with your target audience’s pain points, challenges, and aspirations. By combining this with LinkedIn’s powerful audience targeting capabilities, we ensure your SaaS product is positioned in front of your core decision-makers.

Integrated PPC Reporting For SaaS

Full funnel reporting is instrumental in obtaining a holistic view of your SaaS PPC campaigns’ effectiveness. By integrating our campaigns with CRM platforms like HubSpot, Looker, and Domo, Go Fish Digital delves deeper than just surface-level metrics. This integration enables us to trace the customer’s journey from their initial interaction with an advertisement to eventual conversion, offering invaluable insights into which campaigns and strategies yield the most tangible results for your business.

Our involvement with these CRM systems allows us to discern not only how users are interacting with your ads, but also how they navigate and engage throughout the sales funnel. This data-driven approach ensures that your advertising strategies are driving towards your demand generation goals.

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