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What Are Online Reputation Repair Services?

Online reputation repair is a strategic approach aimed at improving or restoring a brand’s digital reputation. This comprehensive process addresses negative or misleading information that can impact a business’s reputation, focusing on crafting a more positive and accurate online presence.

Key components of online reputation repair include search suppression, review management, and social media reputation repair. At Go Fish Digital we help brands look at each of these different services and form a plan to repair their reputation on the platforms that are most important for their business.

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Search Suppression Services

A negative result appearing on the first page of Google can be damaging to your online reputation and call for immediate repair. At Go Fish Digital, we specialize in search suppression services, leveraging our deep understanding of SEO to effectively push down undesired content from the first page of Google’s search results. Our approach isn’t just about obscuring negative links; it’s a strategic process that involves enhancing the visibility of positive or neutral content.

Our strategy in search suppression is multifaceted and customized to each unique situation. We undertake a comprehensive analysis of existing owned assets and devise a targeted plan to improve the visibility of content with positive reputation sentiment. We’ll also work to create new positive content that’s eligible to be visible for the queries that you’re looking to repair. This approach allows you to suppress negative articles by utilizing strategies to optimize and create content that have positive search sentiment.

Review Management Services

At Go Fish Digital, our review management services focus on strategically managing and leveraging online reviews to enhance your brand’s digital reputation. Recognizing the power of customer feedback in today’s digital landscape, we offer comprehensive services that include monitoring, responding to, and encouraging reviews across various platforms such as Yelp, Google, BBB, Glassdoor and more. Our team handles responses to all reviews, transforming potential negatives into brand-strengthening opportunities while amplifying positive feedback.

Beyond response management, we proactively help businesses generate authentic, positive reviews, using scalable strategies that improve overall ratings and mitigate the impact of negative comments. This integrated approach not only refines your online presence but also provides valuable insights for ongoing business strategy, making our review management an essential component of your broader online reputation repair efforts.


Social Media Reputation Repair

Social media platforms are critical arenas for shaping and maintaining a brand’s reputation. At Go Fish Digital, we specialize in social media reputation repair, a service designed to monitor, manage, and positively influence your brand’s presence on key social networks. We employ advanced tools to keep an eye on brand mentions across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and LinkedIn and more. This continuous monitoring allows us to gauge public perception and address any negative sentiments or misinformation that could harm your brand.

Furthermore, we don’t just focus on damage control; our approach includes actively managing your social media pages to amplify your brand’s voice. By crafting and sharing positive news, engaging stories, and valuable content, we help reshape the narrative surrounding your brand. This proactive strategy not only repairs any negative aspects of your reputation but also fosters a stronger connection with your audience. Our team at Go Fish Digital works to ensure that your social media presence is an asset in maintaining and enhancing your brand’s overall reputation.

Online Reputation Repair FAQs

Online reputation repair services are specialized strategies and actions undertaken by professionals to improve or restore a company or individual’s image on the internet, often involving the management of search results, reviews, and social media presence.


Repairing an online reputation involves a combination of strategies including promoting positive content, addressing and managing negative reviews, engaging in effective social media practices, and working to suppress harmful content in search engine results. The first step is to determine which platform is the most damaging towards your reputation and then take steps to improve your reputation there.


The benefits of online reputation repair include enhanced public perception, improved trust and credibility among customers, increased online visibility of positive content, and overall better control over the narrative surrounding your company or personal brand.

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2023

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