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We have a unique approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for law firms. We combine two of our primary strategies, technical SEO and creative content, to help move your law firm to the top of the search results.

Our team starts by taking a deep dive into your website. We’ll dive into your competition’s websites too, in order to identify issues, opportunities, and threats to your law firm’s visibility. After we perform this audit, we’ll use the results to make continuous, impactful technical updates and recommendations to your website.

We’ll use our second strategy, creative content, to bring in news coverage, backlinks, and exposure to your firm. This builds your brand online.

These strategies help signal to Google your law firm is the strongest one out of your competition, and it’ll move your site up in the organic search results.

SEO for lawyers will help your firm stand out from the crowd and bring more traffic to your website.

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Take a look at our process to create high-quality, unique content that attracts real online attention. Google sees that as authority; people trust your website because they visit often.

Through links, social shares, and browser data (Chrome), Google gets the hint your website is worth looking at.With these signals, alongside solid technical SEO for Lawyers, your site will increase in domain authority and rankings. This isn’t an overnight trick, but rather a lasting SEO strategy that will bring you more relevant traffic, leads and clients.

Unlike other SEO firms, we don’t do short term-hacks or use black hat techniques that might work for a few weeks, but ultimately can end up getting your site penalized by Google.  Instead, we operate within Google’s guidelines, but at a level that your competition cannot keep up with.



A law firm client of ours in Los Angeles wanted a better rank in Google for high-value DUI keywords. To attract high-quality backlinks that would affect their Google ranking, we executed a number of technical strategies and built content campaigns.

One of these content campaigns was a data compilation around texting and driving statistics. We developed the concept, conducted a custom survey, and pulled out the most eye-catching statistics of this campaign. Bringing attention to this hot-button issue, frequently covered by news sources, proved to be a very successful strategy for this campaign. This helped us land coverage in 20+ news outlets, including nine links with domain authorities over 60.

Before long, this law firm was ranking #1 for DWI and DUI terms in four major cities.

See it live >


A legal software client of ours wanted to reduce their paid advertising budget by bringing in more organic search leads. About this time, law school graduates were preparing to take the Bar.  We jumped on the Bar preparation news cycle by compiling compelling pass/fail rates  and other statistics by state.

We began the process by developing the idea, performing the research, and designing the graphics. The next step included handling promotion of the content by posting it on their website. This placement was strategic; we placed it on specific legal community websites, and performed outreach to bloggers and journalists who might be interested in coverage. This creative approach to a frequently covered subject brought in backlinks and incredible exposure.

The “Bar Exam Study” SEO campaign drove nearly 500 social shares and over 11,000 visitors to the firm’s website, in just 24 hours. The page created for this SEO campaign ranks for 150+ organic keywords on its own. See it live >


Our client, a personal injury law firm, wanted to rank higher in Google’s search results for key personal injury terms by generating backlinks to its website. By connecting the law firm’s expertise to something interesting and sharable, we were able to obtain 20 authoritative backlinks for this law firm’s website.

This quirky, interactive piece continues to be a valuable resource for the firm’s clients and their social campaigns. See it live >