Word of mouth marketing is more impactful and measurable than ever before with influencer collaborations. We help you increase brand awareness and engagement by becoming a part of the social conversation with endorsements and reviews from trusted sources.


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What we do

Our influencer marketing agency has worked tirelessly to form and grow ongoing authentic relationships with influencers across a variety of niches, meaning that no matter what industry your brand is a part of, we’re able to identify a match. Our network of social influencers have developed engaged communities that trust their recommendations and opinions.

  • 92%of marketers found influencer marketing to be successful in 2017 – Linqia
  • 40%of people have purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer – Tap Influence
  • 67%of marketers intend to increase their budget for Influencer Marketing in 2018 – Influencer Marketing Hub

How we do it

Develop influencer marketing strategy

Identify goals of influencer collaborations and find the key influencers for each individual brand and campaign.

Coordinate the influencer collaboration

Our team uses their expertise to negotiate rates and terms, develop the campaign brief, and coordinate exchange of goods.

Guide the creative process

Each influencer campaign is unique and personalized for both the brand and the tone of voice of the influencer.

Report on campaign

Measuring KPI’s such as engagement rate and impressions allows us to determine whether a collaboration was successful.

Work with us

Are you ready to amplify awareness of your brand by increasing engagements with your target audience and earning endorsements from trusted sources? Find out how Go Fish Digital can create a customized influencer strategy to help you reach your marketing goals by contacting us today.

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