Influencer Marketing

Identifying and collaborating with influencers to amplify brand awareness

Word of mouth marketing is more impactful and measurable than ever before with influencer collaborations. We help you increase brand awareness and engagement by becoming a part of the social conversation with endorsements and reviews from trusted sources.

What we do

Our influencer marketing agency has worked tirelessly to form and grow ongoing authentic relationships with influencers across a variety of niches, meaning that no matter what industry your brand is a part of, we’re able to identify a match. Our network of social influencers have developed engaged communities that trust their recommendations and opinions.

  • 92%of marketers found influencer marketing to be successful in 2017 – Linqia
  • 40%of people have purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer – Tap Influence
  • 67%of marketers intend to increase their budget for Influencer Marketing in 2018 – Influencer Marketing Hub

How we do it

Develop influencer marketing strategy

Identify goals of influencer collaborations and find the key influencers for each individual brand and campaign.

Coordinate the influencer collaboration

Our team uses their expertise to negotiate rates and terms, develop the campaign brief, and coordinate exchange of goods.

Guide the creative process

Each influencer campaign is unique and personalized for both the brand and the tone of voice of the influencer.

Report on campaign

Measuring KPI’s such as engagement rate and impressions allows us to determine whether a collaboration was successful.

from influencers

The Go Fish Digital influencer marketing team focuses on building strong relationships with influencers by promoting trust and transparency on all sides. As we nurture these relationships, we’re able to ensure a more successful collaboration and procure better opportunities for our clients in the future.

We strive to make collaborations a positive experience for brands and influencers alike. See what our network of influencers has to say about working with Go Fish Digital.




"As a blogger for 4 years, Go Fish Digital has been the most professional, efficient, and organized Influencer Marketing agency I've worked with. Each step of the way was so smooth from the creative brief being sent well in advance, well-written instructions for selecting the product, to the quick approval process and the extremely fast payment process. Because of how organized the campaign was, I felt like I could really focus on the creative aspect of the content. The idea behind their campaigns are creative, relatable, authentic, and I always receive positive feedback from my readers"

Shelby Vanhoy




"It's been a delight to work with Go Fish Digital. The brief took into consideration my own creative ideas and allowed me to choose a path that resonated well with readers and followers, as well as the brands' requirements. They are professional, but friendly and I look forward to working with them again in the future."

Jenny Eaves




"We rarely have someone facilitate such a smooth campaign and provide such a wealth of information as Go Fish Digital does. We enjoyed the collaboration so much, that we would most definitely be interested in any future chance to team up with the agency."

Cassie & Arthur




“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Go Fish Digital on numerous occasions. They are always professional, quick to respond if I have questions, and great to meet my needs as much as the brands’ needs. I highly recommend collaborating with them."

Jenny Taylor




"I love working with Go Fish Digital. I always have a clear idea of what is expected from me but am able to flex my creative muscle at the same time. Working with them is always professional but friendly and I find that so refreshing in this influencer marketing space"

Bri Dietz

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