Local SEO Initiatives Result In Enhanced Online Visibility

The Goal

Myriad is a Raleigh-based video production agency with goals of getting business nationwide. Myriad has a passion for creating commercial advertising, original films and social impact videos for non-profit organizations. Because of this, keeping their website as true to their brand as possible, while still implementing SEO strategy, was of the utmost importance.

Our goal was to gain more qualified traffic both in Raleigh and in key external markets like New York City while working within Myriad’s brand guidelines.

The Strategy


Myriad’s target audience is Fortune 500, Social Impact, and Technology companies. They are based in Raleigh, a tech hub, so they want to have a strong presence locally. However, they also wanted to begin expanding to bigger markets like NYC.

To do this, we needed a comprehensive SEO strategy. We planned on helping them expand their organic reach through initiatives such as new landing page creation, local content optimization, UX improvements, site architecture optimization and more.


Our first initiative was to create new service pages. We collaborated with the Myriad team to identify priority services they offered that did not have existing pages on the website. From there, we researched and prioritized queries related to these services. Some examples of service pages we created include an animation, a social impact, and a commercial video production page. 

However, a big priority for Myriad was to rank in New York City. We knew this may be a challenge due to the competitive landscape and because Myriad had no office in New York. 

Our strategy here was to focus on a mix of more attainable and aspirational keywords. We chose to primarily target “video marketing” keywords (more attainable) and “video production” keywords (aspirational). As a part of our strategy, we built out a localized page dedicated to the New York City region. 

This included providing SEO guidance on the page utilizing localized:

  1. Imagery
  2. Videos
  3. On-page content
  4. Case studies
  5. Metadata 



We also built out a blog to serve as a platform for Myriad to expand upon their projects, while also building authority for the site. The goal was to build topical authority and position Myriad as a thought leader. 

For both the blog and the service pages, we encouraged full collaboration and creativity from the Myriad team. We encouraged catchy headings, fun copy, unique graphics, and plenty of videos. 


The Results

The New York page was the most notable success of this campaign because of the strong market competition in NYC. However, Myriad ended up ranking in the #1 position for “video marketing new york,” despite not having a physical office there:

In May 2022, Myriad ranked for an estimated 410 keywords. By May 2023, that significantly increased to 958 keywords, a 134% increase.

Since January 2022, Myriad has seen a dramatic increase in their priority first-page rankings. In January 2022, 71 keywords ranked on the first page, and in May 2023, 113 keywords ranked.

On top of performing well in the local Raleigh market, Myriad defied the odds by ranking #1 for “video marketing” keywords in New York City. 

Our campaign had the goals of improving sitewide organic traffic, ranking for more varied video production services keywords, improving Raleigh rankings, and ranking in NYC. This has helped drive more awareness of Myriad’s business and helped continue their mission of creating powerful social-impact videos.

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