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I wanted to do a quick post briefly to talk about the positive ROI benefits of SEO. When a business is dependent on internet traffic to make money and survive, SEO is critical to the success of the business.

Think of it this way…

If you were opening up a little shop or store, would you choose to open it up on prime real estate with lots of foot traffic walking by?  Or would you choose to build it in the mountains, hidden in a forest?  SEO is what puts you on the busy corner. SEO puts you in front of the people ready to buy your product and look at your advertising.  It plucks you from obscurity.

A recent project we undertook was to increase the traffic of a blog that has been around for about a year and a half.  The site is and they are a blog that covers information, tips, tricks, and how-to’s for Apple products. From ipods to mac laptops and desktops, they cover a wide range of topics relating to Apple.

The site has a massive amount of content and receives most of its traffic through the search engines.  Our goal was to develop ways to increase the amount of traffic it receives and to look for opportunities to increase the site’s monetization strategies.

We began with our “Must Have” SEO package where we do in-depth research to uncover opportunities for quick-wins and important keywords that can quickly drive large amounts of traffic to the site.  Once these words and phrases were identified, we worked on special content that targeted these words and then pushed the posts onto the site.  We developed a strategy for long-term success for sustained growth and built out a monetization plan to ensure that traffic and revenue will continue to grow well into 2010.

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Some quick numbers:

We began our work with Maciverse around the middle of July.  Here are the traffic stats over the past 2 months:

Unique Visitors

July – 31K
August – 45K

This was an improvement of over 50% in just one month.   Month-over-month numbers for the past year have demonstrated an average increase of 7%, so the large jump was directly attributable to the SEO work provided by Go Fish Digital.


While we need to hold the exact revenue numbers close to the chest, income at the site increased 77%.  This is due to the increase in traffic as well as an improvement in monetization based on our recommendations.

This project was, overall, very successful.  The guys at Maciverse are great and we had a good time doing the work and research to expose their blog to the masses.  The quality content was always there… we’re glad that now a large number of visitors are, too.

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