4 Simple Reasons Why Good Design Matters

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Let me ask you a few questions. Do you stop in your tracks when you see beautifully-executed typography? Do you breathe a sigh of contentment when scrolling through a cohesive and effective website? Did you spend way too much time analyzing the latest logo redesign?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. If you didn’t, that’s okay too. Even though these things might not have the same appeal to the untrained eye, that doesn’t mean that people don’t react to good design.

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This post is for the business owner that doesn’t know why they need a website. It’s for your aunt who just designed her logo with Curlz. It’s for the guy who stretched his font almost to the point of unreadability. And it’s a PSA for those who don’t understand why “exposure” will no longer be accepted as currency for good design work. Good design is invaluable and it can make all the difference between growing your business and staying behind the curve.

Good design goes beyond just looks.

Good design will work for your business by being alluring and beautiful and just as importantly, uncomplicated and user-friendly. User-friendliness can encompass the readability of your print material, how easily your website can be navigated, and the cohesiveness of your online presence. Along with that, a great design will be able to bring your visions, dreams, and business objectives to life and effectively communicate who you are to your audience. No longer will the aesthetic of your brand or the approach of your business be unclear or hard to explain. Your brand’s style will do it for you.

Good design creates consumer trust.

Consumer trust is priceless. How much would you pay to get your audience to trust in your brand as much as you do? Your consumers don’t see your sleepless nights and the blood, sweat, and tears you put into your business. They see you for how you present yourself to them, starting from their very first interaction with you. Imagine you’re interviewing a potential employee. Whether they show up in their yard work clothes or a button-up shirt will immediately give you insight into how much they care about the job. The exact same principle applies to how your brand looks on the outside. It can make a world of difference on how others will perceive you and is crucial on whether they will trust you enough to buy whatever you’re selling.

Good design motivates people to take action.

Having dull content can easily translate to having a dull product. Believe me, consumers are scrolling right past that boring, unattractive, least call-to-actiony blurb you threw together on your pirated version of photoshop. It’s hard for consumers to “click here” or “purchase now” when what they’re looking at doesn’t even grab their attention for longer than the amount of time it takes for their cursor to x-out of your ad. Your designs need to be compelling enough for them to want to take action again and again. And not only will good design motivate consumers to purchase your product, it increases your shareability. When consumers share your content via social media or word of mouth, that means they care about what they’re buying. That’s FREE advertising! And when they care about what they’re buying their friends and followers will be influenced to do the same.

Good design will enhance the perception of your brand.

Whether your company is a brand new start-up or has been in business for a century, good design will set you apart from your competitors. It creates a solid first impression and has the potential to create lifelong brand loyalty. Think of items you almost exclusively buy from a specific brand – Nike sportswear, Coca-cola drinks, Crest toothpaste. Some people don’t even know why they choose the brand they do. It looked good on the shelf or on someone else and they’ve been buying it ever since. This concept is the same for people providing a service over a product. If someone looks you up on Google and your website is a messy array of disorganized pages, poorly taken photos, and 12 different fonts, or you have no website at all, you better believe they’re clicking that back arrow looking for someone that actually cares about their business. Like it or not, the consumer world is online. Consumers depend on Yelp reviews, Facebook likes, and Instagram references to even give you a chance these days. And in a moment of indecision with the option of two equally functioning products, a good design might be the only thing you have that will separate you from your competitors.

Now all things considered…

If you scrolled through the 4 bolded subtitles and are looking for one key take away from this post, it should be this – how you present yourself to your target audience can be the difference between being overlooked and gaining a lifelong customer. Good design is what starts a relationship built on respect and trust. And it’s what will keep them on your website, make them walk through your door, or pick your product up off the shelf.

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