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How My Humanities Degree Prepared Me for a Career in Digital Marketing

Posted @ Oct 25 2019 by Torie Otteson

In March of my sophomore year of college, I had a decision to make—and it was one that I was dreading. I had to officially declare my major, and the deadline was rapidly approaching. I had been procrastinating my choice because I was torn between choosing a “practical” route that had a clear career trajectory, […]

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Preventative Online Reputation Management

Posted @ Apr 08 2019 by Torie Otteson

In today’s digital world, your online reputation is one of the most important things to protect. When people search for you, your company, or your brand, all the available information online about you comes together to create a cohesive picture—either negative or positive—and that picture informs how potential customers, clients, and connections see you. Most […]

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