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Declared the "Social Media Guru" by the Washington Post, Kat has significantly increased the online presence of brands through customized social media campaigns and innovative content marketing techniques. Kat is a featured writer for The Huffington Post and her work has appeared in Elite Daily, Buzzfeed, Yahoo!, Jezebel, The Washington Post, and many other high-profile publications. Kat holds a B.A. in Psychology with Honors from The University of Chicago.

The 8-Step Content Marketing Cheat Sheet for Small Business Owners

Posted @ Jul 05 2017 by Kat Haselkorn

Increasingly, small business owners are recognizing the value of SEO and content marketing, but many feel like hiring an agency is beyond their budget. While working with experts is usually the best route when it comes to the success of your website and general digital marketing strategy, there are a number of ways small business owners […]

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7 Random but Useful Things I Learned at Pubcon SFIMA 2017

Posted @ Mar 07 2017 by Kat Haselkorn

While most of us in the digital marketing world associate Pubcon with a raucous good time in Vegas every Fall, the Pubcon team recently partnered with the South Florida Interactive Marketers Association to host a smaller spin off of the main event. Last week I was fortunate enough to not only attend the conference but […]

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7 Leading Ladies of Social Media Offer Tips for 2017

Posted @ Dec 13 2016 by Kat Haselkorn

Social media has long been a fast-evolving field — and 2016 was no exception! This year, some BIG things happened. We lost Vine, Microsoft battled Salesforce to acquire LinkedIn for $26B, Instagram use continued to skyrocket, and Snapchat introduced their first hardware, Spectacles, for a totally immersive social experience. At Go Fish Digital, we strive to stay […]

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5 Fatal Mistakes Businesses Are Making on Snapchat

Posted @ Aug 27 2016 by Kat Haselkorn

Snapchat isn’t a new platform anymore and it’s certainly not a social media offering that’s going away anytime soon. The stats are staggering. Valued at $20 billion (and growing!) and with 150 million daily users, the app surpasses Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn when it comes to regular engagement and is officially a household name. Even […]

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5 Steps to Get Your Content Picked Up By Top News Sites

Posted @ Jun 16 2016 by Kat Haselkorn

At Go Fish Digital, we’ve seen different types of content ebb and flow in popularity. Remember when infographics were everywhere? Then, of course, there were instructographics. Next up were microsites and parallax scrolling landing pages. Not to say all of these concepts are totally outdated now, but lately, when it comes to creating great content for […]

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Why You Should Watch ‘The Bachelor’ to Improve Your Marketing Finesse

Posted @ Mar 01 2016 by Kat Haselkorn

Mondays are rough. After a relaxing and enjoyable weekend, no matter how much you love your job, it can be hard to settle in and re-focus on your work. Luckily, despite the client meetings, conference calls, and general catch-up tasks, winter Mondays mean… The Bachelor is back! For those of you who have never tuned […]

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Go Fish Digital Wins 2 Industry Awards in 2 Weeks!

Posted @ Oct 09 2015 by Kat Haselkorn

The Go Fish Digital team is thrilled to announce that we recently won two competitive industry awards for search engine optimization work with Reston Limousine. Last week, we accepted a Landy Award at SMX East in New York City for Best SEO Campaign in the Small Business category. This week, Bill Slawski was onsite at PubCon in Las Vegas […]

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Peeple Wants to be Yelp, But for Humans

Posted @ Oct 05 2015 by Kat Haselkorn

At Go Fish Digital, we do a lot of Yelp improvement work. It’s not uncommon to get calls from business owners in tears over negative Yelp reviews – but all hope is not lost! We have several effective processes that can help Yelp businesses boost their star ratings so they better tell the full story. […]

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How “Drafting” Off Of Mozinars Can Help Build Your Personal Brand

Posted @ Aug 11 2015 by Kat Haselkorn

As the New Media Manager with Go Fish Digital, my day-to-day responsibilities include managing the brand presence for organizations across the web. While it’s great to help your clients carve out space for themselves on social media and become more vocal online, it’s important not to forget about your own personal brand. I humbly started with the basics, just like everyone […]

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7 Content Starting Points to Undo Writer’s Block

Posted @ Nov 18 2014 by Kat Haselkorn

Writing copy – for SEO purposes or for more traditional media outlets – can be difficult. Even those people who “have a way with words” can struggle to get the right ones out onto a blank page. While it’s fun to write about a variety of topics, it’s also easy to become paralyzed with writer’s […]

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