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What Our Team Learns By Switching Job Roles Every Year

What Our Team Learns By Switching Job Roles Every Year

Posted @ Aug 13 2020 by Devon Cameron

If you’ve ever seen The Parent Trap, you’re probably aware that switching places can be complicated and often involve haircuts, ear piercings, and mastering a secret handshake. At Go Fish, our team has put this concept into practice as an exercise for our team members, and it’s had some great results (without having to go […]

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Link Equity in Link building

Why Tangential Content is The Secret to Great Link Building

Posted @ Mar 05 2020 by Devon Cameron

One of the most common questions the Go Fish Digital link-building team receives is “How does content that isn’t related to my product help my brand?”.  While it is a fair question, we are huge advocates of tangential content for all of our link-building campaigns. We’ve seen a massive amount of success with them for […]

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game of thrones marketing

What Game of Thrones Taught Us About Marketing

Posted @ Jul 08 2019 by Devon Cameron

A couple of months ago, the final episode of a little show called Game of Thrones aired on HBO. As the buildup to the final season reached its peak, our team developed a two-stage campaign that would release a Game of Thrones Sorting Quiz as stage 1 and the results as stage 2. The quiz […]

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The Go Fish Geek Squad: Unpacking the Art of Productive Creativity

Posted @ Mar 13 2019 by Devon Cameron

On a recent day at the office, the content team spent about fifteen minutes discussing our favorite Harry Potter books, our overall disappointment with The Cursed Child, and our Harry Potter houses. We then segued into a fan fiction discussion, which led to an analysis of parody sites that ended with us all taking a […]

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ideas, campaign ideas

How to Develop Your Next Blockbuster Idea

Posted @ Jul 11 2018 by Devon Cameron

One of the principal concepts our marketing team emphasizes is that no idea is a bad idea. In our brainstorming sessions, anything goes. We’re encouraged to embrace weird, get crazy, say what pops into our head, and write everything down because you never know where your next blockbuster idea will come from. This culture makes […]

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