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Search Term Report Changes: 3 Ways To Supplement Lost Search Term Data

Posted @ Oct 27 2020 by Danielle Boone

In September 2020, Google Ads announced that only search terms that “a significant number of users searched for” would be included in the search terms report. Following this change, some advertisers estimate that upwards of 50% or more of search terms are no longer being reported on, which many in the PPC community view as […]

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Digital Marketing in the Era of Coronavirus

Posted @ Mar 24 2020 by Danielle Boone

As COVID-19 spreads across the U.S., its impact on the daily lives of citizens and companies alike has been changing dramatically by the day. Go Fish Digital works with companies located across the country that are of all sizes and work in all industries. Like many agencies, over the last few weeks, we’ve been working […]

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4 Takeaways from HeroConf Austin 2018

Posted @ May 10 2018 by Danielle Boone

Since getting back from the PPC-centric HeroConf in Austin a couple weeks ago, my mind has been buzzing with all of the ideas, tactics and strategies I heard. Go Fish Digital is known to love a good conference, but this was our first time at HeroConf and I was pleasantly surprised to come away with […]

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6 Times Branded Keywords Should Be Part of Your PPC Strategy

Posted @ Feb 22 2018 by Danielle Boone

When should you bid on your own company name? One of the most frequent questions I hear from clients about their pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns is “Why would I pay to show up for my own company name?”. Branded keywords certainly have the potential to prop up performance metrics with low cost per click, high conversion […]

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4 Factors That May Be Causing You To Lose Out on Digital Marketing ROI

Posted @ Aug 10 2017 by Danielle Boone

An impactful digital marketing campaign can be a bit like putting together a puzzle. Your website, SEO practices, paid advertising, social media presence, and email marketing are all key parts of the puzzle. But, if the last and most important piece of the puzzle is missing, you could be losing out on a major opportunity […]

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