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Here’s Why You Should Handoff Your Pitch to Another Team Member

Posted @ May 12 2020 by Alex Gaines

In a recent blog post, I briefly covered a strategy the content promotion team here at Go Fish Digital likes to call, “pitch swaps.” In that blog post, I gave a high-level overview of this process:  “This is a strategy we’ve incorporated into our routine where we sit down and swap campaigns that are in […]

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5 Steps to Take When Your Pitch Isn’t So Perfect

Posted @ Mar 26 2020 by Alex Gaines

If you’re in digital PR, you’ve probably had your fair share of rejections, empty promises, and the dreaded silent treatment from the journalists on your outreach list after pitching a piece of content you were really excited about. I’ve found myself in these situations more times than I can count. It just comes with the […]

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Pitch Smarter, Not Harder: 3 Ways to Improve Your Outreach

Posted @ Jul 24 2019 by Alex Gaines

Pitching smarter and not harder sounds easy, right? Wrong.  Something I’ve learned during my time on the content promotion team at Go Fish Digital is that each person has their own way of pitching smarter and not harder. When I started at the company, I was given the traditional do’s and don’ts of pitching to […]

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3 (Free) Ways to Amplify Your Content Using Social Media

Posted @ Feb 12 2019 by Alex Gaines

The power of social media is truly remarkable. In recent months, we’ve seen a young boy yodeling in a Walmart become an overnight sensation, a photo of an egg surpass Kylie Jenner for the most liked Instagram photo and numerous unsolved debates over whether it’s Yanny or Laurel. For the record, I hear Yanny. Before […]

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The 3 Silent Killers of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Posted @ Jul 20 2018 by Alex Gaines

In honor of Go Fish Digital rolling out a new influencer marketing service, I thought it was necessary to take a few steps back and address some of the most common mistakes in this emerging industry. The influencer marketing campaign process is more than research, execution, and reporting. It’s a multifaceted process consisting of countless […]

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