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What Is Law Firm PPC?

Law firm PPC is a digital marketing initiative for attorney websites. PPC (pay per click) is a form of advertising where lawyers pay a third party each time an ad is clicked by users. This ensures that you’re only charged for the ad when someone interacts with it and clicks through to your site. PPC can be a great type of digital marketing for lawyers with established budgets that are looking to expedite and scale the number of leads they receive.

What Are The Benefits Of PPC For Lawyers?

There are many types of digital advertising out there, so what makes law firm PPC services so effective? For attorneys that are looking to grow their practice by using digital marketing, there are many benefits to utilizing PPC.

Immediate Impact: Once your PPC campaign has been rolled out, your ads will immediately start appearing. This means that you don’t have to wait to start seeing results of your marketing.

Audience Targeting: Paid campaigns will allow you to utilize very specific targeting criteria. Your law firm can target users by geography, age, demographics, device and many other factors. This ensures that you have control over the types of audiences seeing your ads.

Measure ROI: Unlike many other marketing channels, attorney  PPC allows you to more easily measure the ROI of your campaign. You’ll be able to easily measure core KPIs such as conversions, spend, traffic and more.

Target The Right People With Law Firm PPC

One of the most powerful aspects of a PPC campaign is the targeting features available in most platforms. Some of the ways that you can target specific audiences include:

  1. Geography
  2. Age
  3. Demographics
  4. Interests
  5. Queries

Go Fish Digital can help provide your team with insights and recommendations on how to connect with users who are most likely to convert. We’ll regularly review your campaign and provide guidance on changes to your keyword strategy.

Search Advertising For Attorneys

Search advertising is one of the best ways to generate leads for your law firm. By advertising on search engine such as Google, you’ll be able to show your ads based on the keywords users are searching. This is an extremely effective way of ensuring that your ads are appearing at the exact moment when potential clients are looking for your services.

The team at Go Fish Digital will work with your firm to determine the keywords that you should be advertising for. We’ll learn more about your firm, your key practice areas and what drives customers. We’ll combine this with a competitive analysis of what other law firms are advertising for. Our goal is to ensure that you’re visible for the keywords that will bring in converting users and produce a strong ROI.

PPC Retargeting Solutions For Lawyers

Many times, users will not convert immediately on their first interaction with your website. It can often take multiple touch-points and brand familiarity until a user feels ready to convert. Retargeting ads are a great way to get in front of users who’ve already interacted with your site. If a user has visited your site already, retargeting can be used to show additional ads to that user as they browse other sites. This helps keep your company top of mind even after the user has clicked on a paid ad.

Law Firm Local Service Ad Management

Local Service Ads (LSAs) are revolutionizing how law firms reach their local audience. Our Local Service Ads management services are specifically tailored for lawyers, designed to maximize your firm’s presence in local search results. By managing your LSAs, we ensure your firm stands out at the very moment potential clients are seeking legal assistance. Our approach involves a detailed analysis of your practice areas, local market trends, and client search behavior, enabling us to craft targeted, compelling ads that resonate with your audience. From setting up your Google Screened profile to optimizing your ad placements, we handle every aspect to position your law firm as a top local choice.

Go Fish Digital’s services focus on enhancing your firm’s reputation through verified reviews and accurate, informative ad content. We continuously monitor and adjust bidding strategies to ensure optimal ad performance, balancing cost with visibility. Additionally, we provide transparent reporting on key metrics such as lead volume, conversion rates, and cost per lead, keeping you informed and in control. By partnering with us for your Local Service Ads management, you can expect a dedicated strategy that generates new clients for your law firm.


Types Of Law Firms We Help

At Go Fish Digital, we can help support with law firm PPC services for a wide range of practice types. Regardless of your speciality, we can help define your firm’s strategy in order to help grow your business. Types of law firms we work with include:

  1. Personal Injury
  2. Family Law
  3. Corporate
  4. Criminal Defense
  5. Employment
  6. Estate
  7. Whistleblower

Law Firm PPC FAQs

Choosing between SEO and PPC depends entirely on your business goal. For law firms looking to lower their customer acquisition costs and that have a longer time horizon, SEO is the best way to go. With SEO there is no direct cost to your practice for receiving traffic, however it takes longer to see results.

For practices looking for immediate increases in leads and consultations, PPC is the better option.

Google Ads is one of the most popular channels for law firm PPC services. Through Google’s Search Ads, you’ll be able to choose the queries that you want your practice to show up for in the search results.

This allows your company to have an incredible amount of control as you can decide exactly which practice areas that you want to highlight.

While this depends on your law firm’s budget, it’s generally best to take an extremely targeted approach with your paid media ads. You’ll want to understand who your customers are, where they’re located and exactly which practice areas you want to target.

Through testing, you’ll be able to understand what the most powerful targeting options are for connecting with your core customers.

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