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We developed our online reputation management tools to help businesses better manage their brand’s digital presence.

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Avoiding Online Reputation
Management Mistakes

The first big mistake businesses often make when it comes to online reputation management is negatively responding to bad reviews. The second is not responding at all. Many businesses don’t respond proactively to reviews because they simply didn’t know they exist. Go Fish Digital has your blindspot covered, providing you with valuable, free online reputation management tools to help you quickly and easily monitor your site’s online reputation and thoughtfully manage your reviews.

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Google Autocomplete API

When a person enters a query into Google’s search box, Google Autocomplete provides predicted phrases to finish that query. Most searchers can only see 4 out of 10 Google Autocomplete results, which does not provide a full picture of the predictions associated with that query.

The Google Autocomplete API online reputation management tool allows users to see all ten results, making it possible to strategize if any negative phrases come up in the predictions associated with your business, such as “scam” or “complaints.”

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Complaint Website Search

Complaint websites are as they sound: websites for people to leave negative feedback about businesses. If left unaddressed, seeing these complaints can lead other consumers to avoid your business. Though you can look through search engine results manually to find these reviews, there may be complaints on the web that aren’t ranking yet but may in the future.

This complaint search tool searches 40+ complaint websites to see if your site appears so you can tackle negative feedback head on.

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Yelp Improvement Calculator

Yelp is one of the top review sites currently on the web. These ratings can significantly contribute to the well-being of your business. Our Yelp improvement calculator lets you evaluate how your ratings play into the overarching average. Use the tool to determine how many five-star reviews you need to bump up your rating. If your goal is five stars, this calculator makes it easy to see how close you are.

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