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Go Fish Digital provides SEO support for the Phoenix & Tempe areas.

Phoenix SEO Strategy

At Go Fish Digital, we recognize that a successful SEO strategy begins with a comprehensive understanding of your business’s unique needs and goals. We dive deep into analyzing your industry, competitors, and the specific dynamics of your business. Our team conducts detailed keyword research to identify the most relevant and valuable search terms that your potential customers are using. This foundational work ensures that we target the most effective keywords, aligning perfectly with the intent and behaviors of your local audience.

Our SEO services extend beyond basic keyword targeting. We provide a holistic approach that encompasses both on-page and technical SEO practices to enhance your website’s visibility and user experience. By optimizing content, improving site structure, and ensuring technical SEO efficiencies, we help your site improve its visibility within the search engines.

Let the Go Fish Digital team help you in crafting an SEO strategy that converts.

On Page SEO Services

Go Fish Digital provides comprehensive on-page SEO services aimed at enhancing the visibility and performance of your web pages. By evaluating the use of language in relation to target keywords and aligning content with user intent, our team ensures that your content is precisely tuned to meet the needs of both search engines and your target audience. We dive deep into keyword research using advanced tools to uncover the most impactful keywords and queries that drive traffic and conversions, ensuring that every piece of content on your site is optimized for maximum visibility and engagement.

Go Fish Digital advises on key page-level recommendations such as title tags, headings and content structure to ensure these elements are optimized for search. Furthermore, Go Fish Digital focuses on factors such as information gain, new content sections, and overall site UX. By optimizing these critical on-page factors, we aim to improve your site’s organic traffic and overall online presence.


Phoenix Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO is fundamental to enhancing the performance and visibility of your website. At Go Fish Digital, our technical SEO services dive deep into the structural elements of your site to ensure it is fully optimized for search engines. This involves refining the site architecture, improving internal linking, utilizing structured data, performing indexation reviews, advising on site migrations and more. By addressing these core aspects, we enhance the site’s usability and search engine accessibility, which are critical for improving your organic search rankings.

Go Fish Digital is your partner to help identify and fix high priority technical SEO issues. The result is a site that search engines can more easily crawl, index and understand. A solid technical infrastructure is a must-have for SEO and our team can help ensure your site is optimized to its fullest.

Digital PR Services

Go Fish Digital leverages the power of digital PR to enhance your brand’s visibility and authority online by securing high-quality backlinks from reputable media outlets. Digital PR is about creating engaging content that attracts media attention and earns backlinks.

The process involves a planning phase where ideas are brainstormed and vetted for newsworthiness and potential impact. Once a concept is selected, our team creates newsworthy content that may include custom graphics, interactive elements, or detailed data analysis. This content is then pitched to carefully curated lists of journalists and media outlets, ensuring that each campaign is aligned with current news cycles and audience interests for maximum engagement and coverage.

Our digital PR strategies are designed to not only enhance your site’s SEO through backlinks but also to increase brand awareness and establish your business as a leading voice in your industry.

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