Top Google Rankings Boost Resident Occupancy 96% in One Year

How Technical SEO Made B.F. Saul’s Newest Residential Property Launch a Success

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B.F. Saul’s Newest Residential Property Launch Success 

Real estate firm B.F. Saul was in the pre-sales process of launching its brand new luxury apartment building, Park Van Ness. Go Fish Digital implemented a series of strategic SEO and content improvements that attracted valuable backlinks from media outlets like the Huffington Post and Washingtonian.

These efforts resulted in the appearance of Park Van Ness at the top of Google for "DC luxury apartments". Park Van Ness also appeared at the top of Google for "Apartments in Van Ness" and other valuable, competitive queries. The occupancy rate reached 96% within a year of its grand opening. 

Launch Project

How we did it


B.F Saul sought to boost interest and attract residents by appearing in the top of Google’s search results for competitive search terms like “DC luxury apartments” and “van ness apartments”.


Our scope of work included technical SEO as well as Content Campaigns to drive traffic and increase backlinks to the site. During the first year of our engagement, we provided SEO support and recommendations, various creative content campaigns, and social media management. 

Technical SEO implementations carried out included enabling AMP for blog posts, securing HTTPS connections to protect against Google unsecure notifications, manual link building for events, and making traditional title tag, meta description, and on page copy edits to improve the property’s rankings.

Our content team researched original and interesting ideas around various Washington, DC topics. This research was paired with high-quality copy and graphic design to create valuable content marketing campaigns. We pitched these creative content pieces out to the local Washington, DC press for pickup and backlinks. For example: 

25 Most Romantic Restaurants in the DC Area


Our technical SEO efforts resulted in the property gaining visibility in Google’s knowledge panel, increased visible in Google Maps, and ranking on the front page of results for targeted keywords, including “DC Luxury Apartments”. As a result of our creative content campaigns, Park Van Ness earned mentions in Washingtonian, Huffington Post, and many other prominent local and national publications. The complex reached a 96% occupancy rate within a year.