50 Backlinks and
120 New Keyword Rankings

A Content Digital PR Case Study

The Goal

SimpleTexting, an SMS marketing software company, came to our digital PR agency with the goals of:

  • Increasing brand exposure
  • Optimizing its website for search
  • Driving more organic traffic

To achieve these objectives, building backlinks using creative content was a fundamental component of their overall digital marketing strategy.

We identified a number of business and lifestyle campaign topics that would be interesting for journalists to cover in news publications, and could also be tied back to the SimpleTexting brand. Among those was a campaign focused on the state of the remote work industry.

The Strategy

annual gas savings
gas savings 50 remote work
annual commute hours saved
annual commute hours saved 50
remote vs. in office salaries
most frequent comm tools of remote workers
growth of remote work industry
men vs. women remote work
remote jobs over time graphic

Remote work is a widely-discussed topic because of the multitude of advantages it presents to both businesses and their employees. Additionally, the SimpleTexting team is a fully remote team. For these reasons, it was an ideal focus for a link-building campaign since it tied into both the current news cycle of target publications and the client’s brand.

The overall goal of the piece was to provide a comprehensive look at the state of the remote work industry. Because of the oversaturation of the media, we wanted to craft a unique story about the remote work industry that journalists would not have heard before. To do so, we collected data on details such as the percentage of the American population working remotely and the difference between in-office and remote salaries for common job positions.

In order to make the content relatable to a wide audience, we added a local angle to the data campaign. We paired government data on commute times and average commute distances with the average cost of gas in some of the largest U.S. cities to show people exactly how much they could be saving in both time and money by working remotely.

After creating the content, we pitched it to 570 journalists with the goal of getting them to write about it in their publications and include a link back to the study and SimpleTexting’s site.

The Results

pieces of coverage
backlinks to the landing page
referred sessions
ranking organic keywords related to remote work

Coverage Outlets

The campaign was covered on a variety of business, career, and lifestyle websites. The content has continued to drive organic traffic and backlinks to the landing page since the initial promotion period. In that time, in conjunction with other link building campaigns and SEO work, SimpleTexting has obtained more than 5,000 new keyword rankings on the first page of Google SERPs and consistently achieves monthly YoY organic traffic growth of more than 100%. SimpleTexting now ranks #1 for keywords like business texting, texting services, mass text messaging, and other valuable search terms.

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