How To Export Google Analytics 4 Data To Excel

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Google Analytics 4’s data organization and filter options can help you avoid working in those overwhelming spreadsheets that seem endless. However, you may not be able to bypass these spreadsheets altogether. 

You might find exporting data from GA4 into spreadsheets beneficial for…

  • Using data visualization tools like Tableau
  • Conducting more in-depth data analysis using programming languages like R
  • Data integration with other data sources 
  • Data archives and backing up data 
  • Data sharing  

With GA4, transferring data from reports and explorations to a spreadsheet is easy. In order to export data, you must have admin or editor access to a GA4 account. 

How To Export Data from Google Analytics 4 Reports

At some point, while using GA4, you will likely want to export data from a Google Analytics 4 report to Excel. In this example, I will explain how to export data using the built-in features of GA4. 

However, this is not the only way to export your data. You can also export data through tools like an API connector or BigQuery. If you are interested in using the free export features of GA4, then you can follow the steps below. 

1. Select the Google Analytics 4 report you want to export data from 

    For this demo, I chose the Landing page report. 

2. Select a date range 

    I chose the month of July. 

3. Click on the Share this report button located in the top right              corner

the button called 'Share this report'

4. Next, click on Download File and choose Download CSV 

the option buttons for either sharing a link or downloading a file of data

the download format option buttons of PDF or CSV

5. Now you have a CSV export of your Google Analytics 4 report data 

    You can then import the CSV file into Excel, Google Sheets, or another spreadsheet tool. 


There are some limitations when it comes to exporting data from reports in GA4. 


  • You can’t download data from multiple reports into the same file. You have to download the data in separate files. 
  • You can’t export your data directly into Google Sheets. Your only options are a CSV file or a PDF download. 
  • GA4 has an export limit of 5,000 rows. 
  • You have to select a specific date range for the data you export.  

Exporting Data from Explorations 

In addition to exporting data from reports, GA4 also provides features for transporting data from an exploration. 

1. Open the exploration you want to export data from

You can refer to our GA4 for SEOs: 4 GA4 Explorations all SEOs Need blog post to get some ideas for possible explorations to export. 

2. Select the correct date range

3. Select the Export data button located in the top right corner 

the export data icon in Explorations

4. Choose the format you would like to export your data into 

data export format menu of options in Explorations

Google Sheets users will be happy to know that in an exploration, there is an option to transport data right into a Google Sheet and avoid the extra step of downloading a CSV file. However, non-Google Sheets users can still download the data as a CSV file.


Despite sometimes being a pain to look at, spreadsheets can be helpful for storing GA4 data and connecting GA4 data to other sources. Whether you are Team Excel, Team Google Sheets, or Team Other, transferring data from GA4 to your desired spreadsheet platform is easy.

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